embarrassing me

it's only right to occasionally embarrass myself.  therefore, here ya go.  i realized i forgot to tell this story to the blog world after i told my girl ashley, over at run with me.

i was in this improv class for my grad school, dont worry, it was an elective.  and we had this quick question and answer exercise to teach you to think and answer incredibly fast.  like you literally had half a second before you just had to blurt out the first answer you thought of.

so the question asked to me was:

"what's your favorite dance move when you go out clubbin?"

my answer, in all seriousness and in front of a class of 30 adults, was, i kid you not:

"drop down and get my eagle on"

...riiiight!  so embarrassing! the whole class was thankfully laughing but it was still super awkward!

please share your most embarrassing moment with me to help make me feel better!  :)


Kerr said...

bahahahaha! that is fantastic. If I was in your class i totally would have chatted you up after class so we could be friends.

bachlorette bash this weekend, i shall return with embarassing moments.

Jenny B said...

what other response is there?

Lindsay said...


Marian said...

I'm not sure if I could beat that:) But that is a pretty amazing story!! I'd be proud. If I drop down, I'm probably not coming back up

Morgan said...

hahahaha... love this! i can't think of my moment right now but I know I do plenty of embarassing things!

Ashley said...

i seriously thought about that story on my way to work yesterday and started laughing in the car! haha

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