happiest of all valentines

happy happy valentine's day my loves!
i hope you all have a wonderful day and treat yourself or your love to something special. 
in my opinion, i have the best boyfriend and the best valentine a girl could wish for.
i still can't believe i'm so lucky.
okay, enough of my sap stuff.

if you're anything like me, for the previous 23 years years, i've dreaded this holiday.  single, or in a relationship, i've found it much easier to go out drinking with the girls and ending the night crying myself to sleep.  wait, too much?  probably.

but in hopes that i'm growing up and also being in that l-word myself, i've decided to embrace the holiday.

if you're single, then rock out and go read that valentines day post by the ever-so-amazing chelsea.

and if you're in a relationship, then celebrate him, or her, or whatever.


what are your valentines day plans?!?!

as for me, of course i have work and then class. 



Miss Chelsea said...

I love all the images in this post!

Lindsay said...

LOVE all of these. Happy Valentines!

Jenny B said...

Happy Valentines Day Star Child... I love you!

CCH said...

oh this post is so cute, happy vday girl!

Ashley said...

LOVE that last pic. this post is awesome!

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