my long weekend

for the first time in forever, i didn't have school OR work this entire weekend AND i was off work yesterday for presidents day.  {insert biggest happy face here} so i did nothing. and loved every single second of it.  except for i did a lot, but compared to my usual weekends, it was all pretty relaxing and wonderful.
my team dandy.
my team from school. i love them, so hard.  on friday night, team dandy and our significant others had dinner at patricks new condo and it was great fun.  it's pretty special that we enjoy each other as much as we do considering the amount of time we spend together.  :)

on saturday,  john and i watched the kentucky game (which they totally dominated) and relaxed.  all day.  by noon, we ate pancakes, mini corn dogs, graham crackers, and some other stuff i can't remember.  it seems like decades ago. 

on saturday night, my sister tori had an engagement party.  the only pictures i got throughout the night were of john and mi padre.  and they're on my phone.  but i figure those pictures are better than nothin...
and this ginormous glass.

john and i got wasted from it.

see, i love a lot of anything in big glasses.

gulp gulp gulp. between that big glass and all the amazing food at the party, i was so full by the end of it. 

sorry about the lighting and the picture in general but pops needed to make an appearance on this here blog since it's been awhile.  oh by the way, i totally crushed him in ping pong.  john and i are so much better than dad and elizabeth...

sunday, john and i went to church, shared a 20 inch pizza, and watched hoarders: animal version, nba all star stuff, went to johns basketball game, and ate more and more pizza. 

which brings me to my next point... i was off work on monday (wahoo!!) so i took the day to be productive.  i woke up, went running (until my collarbone almost fell out), met my love for lunch downtown, and then took the rest of the day to major clean my room.  from top to bottom, i scrubbed, folded, watched dr phil, gave away, and cleaned.  the photo above is my giveaway pile!!  6 trash bags! can you believe that?

ps: confession: i bought a powerball ticket. i promise to give each of my followers $10,000 if i win. yup, i said it.

what'd ya do all weekend and what do you do with your give away pile!?


Kerr said...

I need one of those huge glasses. So fun.

I give my stuff to goodwill. Unless there is nice stuff in there I think friends might want. When I purged my too big pant collection a while back my friend racked up.

CCH said...

i was wondering where you were... i need blog updates girl.

anyways, so jealous that you had monday off! Try bringing your stuff to Plato's Closet? I have done that before in Alabama and got a good amount of money back. i so need to closet clense and get rid of so much stuff... ugh!

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