my nephew gets showered

saturday night, i went to a baby shower for the love of my life, my nephew colton alexander.
it was held at my friend alyson's beautiful home in the highlands. pregnant or not, my sister is one of the happiest people i've ever known.  she's hardly ever never in a bad mood and because of that, it was a big shower with lots of girls, a whole lotta love, and a gazillion presents.

my colton alexander.

the dessert table.  the lighting on the pictures was a touch off, which i'm not sure why. if any of you canon rebel-ists know how to fix that type of coloring, please, let a sistah know.

the food food.  sheesh it was delish.  and yes, there was a ton of wine goin on, well, for us, not for jessie.

ain't she a beauty?

all belly, eh?

little cookie cutters in a onesie, a "C", and some others.  the dessert table was amazeballs, obvi.

brooke made these little pacifiers, little lifesavers with jelly beans on top.  how cute.

jessies mother in law alice, sister in law elizabeth, my mama, jessie, me. colton sure is loved!

the grandmothers.  aww, how precious. aren't they cute?

jessie and moi.  i look taller but really i'm in 5 inch heels sand she's not.  a girl can dream...

i couldn't decide.  :)

allison brought her precious 6 week old baby boy and he was such a great baby!  he stayed awake way past his bed time and let all 30 girls pass him around and tickle his feet and love on him.

oops, more of the dessert table. 

apparently i'm hungry today.


i love him. my precious colton.

and jessie with all of her millions of presents!  this baby sure is loved!

i hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  what'd ya do?!

only about 6 more weeks until my little colton gets here and i seriously cannot wait to hold this little nugget in my arms and kiss his face off.  :)  yup, i'm a proud aunt.


Kerr said...

I am really hungry now too. YUMM cupcakes.

Calmly Chaotic said...

Looks like such a nice shower! You must be so excited!

Sam {fitnessfoodandfaith.blogspot.com} said...

your sister is so beautiful!! how exciting :)

CCH said...

how exciting!! my sister is in the same way, never in a bad mood!

Simply Amy said...

That food looks so yummy! That is so exciting to see how much your sister is loved! God Bless!!!

Kristen said...

beautiful pictures! now I'm really hungry too!

Ashley said...

awesome, awesome shower pics! and i love your outfit.

btw i have to say that i love your comments! i am caught laughing at my desk more times than probably appropriate over your comments but i just can't help myself from clicking on the email! ha!

Day Old News said...

You girls are so cute! I love the colors you picked for the shower. I want one of those pretzels right now!

Natasha said...

colton is such a cute name!!! and what a wonderful shower--gorgeous!

April said...

You & your sister are beautiful chicas! Fun pictures : )

Speaking of pictures, I also have that yellowy problem with my Rebel when the lighting is too low. I googled it & it led me to this discussion board, so it seems like we need to manually set the white-balance instead of having it set on auto. As if I know what that means... I just adjust the tint in iPhoto : )

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