well lookie there!  it's friday!
and i'd like to point out acouple things from this picture:
1. it's john wall, being the Y at the kentucky game and it was pure perfection.
2. yup, its the background on my phone.
3. it's 11:11 on the 11th.  who cares though?  it was just a random happening when i decided to show y'all this amazingness.
4. it's only 11:11 and i've already used 23% of my battery. maybe i should focus on my work? nahhh

so last night, i bought the cutest new valentines day apron (check out the left lower corner) and made these delicoius cookies and decorated them to the best of my non-artisty ability.  but that pan is so super cute that i just had to have it! 
after i work all day, i have class tonight, work tomorrow morning, and then a party with john's company tomorrow night.  i even get to dress up.. work hard, play hard though, right?
what are your weekend plans??


Ashley said...

can't wait to see pics from your party! love the cupcakes - they look awesome! have a great night and day tomorrow! (hope you avoid all louisville traffic) ;)

PS - my mom's from louisville so i've been there a number of times - love it!

Kerr said...

yeah john wall! I want that as my background too. much better than the standard field of grass.

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