everything is bigger

in texas!
we are headed to houston this weekend to watch the KENTUCKY WILDCATS in the final four!!  whoop whoop!!

remember this hot tamale with the jersey interior of his bright blue kentucky sports jacket?  what a man.

remember when we went kentucky caroling?  this year, we really refuse to lose.

or that time jenny and i saw everything blue in the epic fail of furniture painting?

i certainly hope coach cal will remember that beloved time we met and will call me (and of course my johnny) to sit courtside with him.  i thought he loved me...

so please, excuse my absense while i get everything together (hello type a personality) ...

what in the world do i pack when it's 40 freakin degrees here and its supposed to be 80 in houston... i can hardly remember what sunshine looks like! 


SO... if you live in houston, i'd love to meet up or if you've visited there, what other things should we do before we leave the city?! 


ps did anyone see john wall's fight last night?!


no girls allowed

today is tour day over here at kentucky blonde.
my nephew is due in just a few weeks and the final touches are just about finished for his arrival.
this is where the prince will be sleepin for the first while of his wittle life. {pardon the baby talk via computer lingo but i can't help it when i'm talking about him or to him or anything}

his bags are packed, he's a ready to go. he's sitin in his mamas womb... {name that movie for 5 bonus points, i changed the lyrics because i can}

his first couple outfit changes are the most precious little things i've ever seen.

eat him right up.

now, welcome to his room, where there are no girls allowed for another 19 years. 
he's a very loved baby already.

and a rocking horse. because what baby doesn't need a rocking horse?  too precious.

where the prince sleeps.


the coolest shelf ever.  see those KENTUCKY shoes?  whata pimp.  (yup, i gave him those)

where they (they, meaning not me because its gross) will change his dirty diapers.  sick doode.  ;)

hope he enjoys fashion shows because at this rate, he'll have about 9 outfit changes a day.  and this is only a mere fraction of his clothing.  kid's got style.

just in case he gets bored in his room, there's a nice little thing to sit in (clearly i'm not down with my baby furniture lingo yet) in the foyer so he can stare at the striped walls and my grandmother's paintings.

so there ya go. a nice little preview of his world outside the womb.  i can't wait for the little bean to get here and kiss his face off.

what do you think?!



what a weekend!
first, i'd like to say...
headed to the final four, it was an amazing, basketfull-filled weekend with nail biting, cheering, going crazy, drinking, and celebrating! 
saturday night, we had a surprise birthday party for john's dads and it was a success!

my love and moi. rockin the kentucky blue all weekend for my team.  it was only appropriate.

i took about 6 pictures of john and his two younger brothers, brian and peter, and i kid you not that this is the best one.  between gang signs bein thrown up and closed eyes, it was nearly impossible.  but they're cute, eh?

precious. brian and his super cute gf kristin.

just adorbs.   :) 

right after he blew out his 5-0 candles.  the birthday boy was very surprised which made it a success.  all night long, he kept trying to figure out all the lies everyone told him to make sure he was oblivious to the fact we were all there to celebrate him!  ...not to mention he had tickets to the kentucky basketball game for friday night that he turned out since everyone already "had plans" aka his surprise party the following night.

kristin, moi, peter. and yup, me double fisting. shocker.

she's a cutie.

the purpose of this picture is more to show y'all the house of the party because it was a super cool house.  it was an open floor plan with amazing decorating.  between the michael aram, z gallerie furniture, newly studded couch, and mirrored tables, the newly renovated fire pit and enclosed patio of flowing drapes and torches made the house a perfect party house.  not to mention the champagne toast, the sauna in the basement, and the vaulted ceilings in the master bedroom.  oops, i'll stop now...
which brings us to sunday... kentucky defeated unc yesterday to make it to the final four!  during the game, john and i made these drinks just so we could have something blue to sip on.  we wish they were a more royal blue but that'll work! 

curt, who is to be wed in april to the ever lovely catherine, sported his vintage tee for the game which brings the team good luck.

i'm a very proud kentucky fan and i hope that you will cheer on the wildcats saturday night as they take on uconn for the final game for the championship!

also, i'd like to say congratulations to bellarmine for winning the division II championship.  my grad school winning that and my undergrad school to the final four. WINNING!!!!

what'd you do this weekend?! 


we're going to win.

well friends. today is the day.
i had a whole post planned about my amazing day that i had yesterday.  after my morning meeting, i took the rest of the day off and
got my hair did (the blonder the better), got a massage (thank you massage envy, by the way, are massage therapists supposed to talk the whole time?), went shopping (got the cutest bcbg purple one shoulder dress), went spray tanning (total beach babe), but instead,
i've decided to dedicate today's post to the 2nd most important thing in my life (hi, john, you win) which is of course
dear coach cal, you and your extra cool ties really need to go extra wild and radiant tonight and show that dumb ohio st team what's really up.  prove the kentucky basketball tradition to the country and take revenge for last year's performance.

now for a touch of inappropriate-ness on kentucky blonde, i present an amazing t-shirt that i do not myself personally own. 
such a lady.

with a face like that, brandon knight could not only win a baby face competition but also has a game point average 17.5 points per game.  solid, brah, solid.  not to mention his 4.0 gpa.  a guy to take home to mama. 
it's true that last year's team was a dream team for any kentucky fanatic, but this years team has the drive, ability, talent, dedication, skill, and everything else necessary to take home the W.

all together now...

what's your favorite color babyyyy!?


wordless wednesday {almost}

being the owner of two black labs who i'm completely obsessed with, this was too perfect to pass up.


a full day

sunday was spent downtown at the seelbach, having brunch at the oak room for my mother's birthday and then crusing alll around lousville for the rest of the beautiful afternoon looking at gorgeous houses. 
the waterfront was lovely as ever. since we arrived at brunch a little early, we cruised around downtown, and even went over to brown-forman for a little car tour.

my love.

it was a pretty day for a picture so i thought i would take advantage of the opportunity.  plus, going from legally blonde blind to full eye sight, it makes sunny days that much sunnier!

the beautiful birthday gal!
john, jayme, jessie
oh, did i mention jessie is 8 months pregnant with my nephew colton?
the paparazzi was there too.

and my brother alex.
the fam minus sam.  that poster there was jessie is holding up says "we miss you sam" since she's at college at the college of charleston.  this was obvi after we ate because i was so full and so uncomfortable but in heaven.

this is an awful picture of one of my favorite, real life houses we saw.  of course i loved the 4 million dolla mansions but realistically, this is a house i could see myself cooking, cleaning, being that stay at home mom coming home to after a long day of work.

what's your favorite thing to do on a sunday?


ohh la la!

this lovely little lady will be getting married in less than a month on the beach in seabrook south carolina and i'm lucky enough to be a bridesmaid AND if i may fluff my own feathers for a moment, i was the matchmaker for the two love birds  ;)
saturday night was the lingerie shower and shoooo weeee did she get some great stuff!  

that there is the sister of the bride, the mother of the bride, and the bride. aren't they precious?  

the centerpiece of the table.  the food, glorious!  cat and her fam are celiacs, which means they're allergic to wheat, oats, barley, and rye (i'm 99% sure i got that right) and then alex is a vegetarian (shes another bridesmaid) so it's tough to find the happy medium there.  but they planned it perfectly and we had an amazing salad with every topping you could imagine and the absolute greatest tomato and artichoke soup.  okay, before i get starving again, i'll stop talking about the food. but the flowers are pretty. 

my side of the table.
remember-  i can't wear eye make up still so that's why i look so spooky, SORRY!
alex, she's getting married in june
jordan, she's getting married in august

the other side... lizzie, cat, and meghan.  

the gals... moi, jord, alex, liz, cat, meg

check it...
cat's EXTREMELY talented sister, maggie, is amazing.  she decorated these cookies, all sexual and stuff, and they're beautiful.  

the only thing better than lingerie is lingerie in the form of a cookie  ;)

i loved this card.  how amazing because that's totes what i looked like back in the glasses day.  did i mention it will be referred to as BE and AE?  Before Eyesight and After Eyesight? Great, take note.

oops, how'd that picture sneak in here?  ohhh hayyy honayyyy

no bows broken, no babies... yet.

at the end of the night, we all put the lingerie on.  over our clothes, doy.
aren't we hot?

i love any excuse for a girls night and i especially love celebrating amazing things for my girlfriends.  i couldn't be happier to be a part of so many wedding festivities this year and can't wait for the beach wedding in just a few weeks!  

how was your weekend?  any showers?  did y'all have amazing weather too because the weather in louisville was gloooorious, especially on sunday!  

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