Baby Hadley gets showered

saturday afternoon, we celebrated the upcoming arrival of baby hadley, who is set to make her appearance in may.  
shannon is the lovely mother and is just glowing.
daaang, look at all them presents!  ...that's shannon and sarah. 
julie and jenny.  oh, did i mention this shower took place at 1pm on saturday? and the UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY WILDCATS MEN'S BASKETBALL played a game in the SEC tournament at 1pm on saturday?  riiiight, well if you thought these girls (including me) would be willing to sacrifice the game for the shower, you thought wrong.  of course we had the game on our phones with second by second updates.  

die hard fans, my friends. die hard.  
see, the phone is up close. then we've got the pregnant mama, the baby, the gifts, you get the idea...
oh right, back to the decor of what makes a baby shower, a baby shower.
the desserts!!
and they were delicious! 
ok, it's not like i'd have a whole post without a story, right?

so jenny, the one in the orange red lookin shirt...
jenny and i decided that we would make a drinking game out of the baby shower since it was during the game and if we weren't at the shower, we'd be tailgating, well, at least drinking.
so while shannon was opening the presents, we drank every time 
1. shannon opened a onesie or 
2. anytime anyone said the word "cute"
...yup, acouple glasses of wine down and we were lovin the baby shower! :)
remember my pregnant sister, jessie? well she's on the left, with shannon on the right.

and the next thing you'll read about here on kentucky blonde will be the (second) time we showered baby colton, my nephew. so y'all just sit tight.

let's get serious, have you ever made a drinking game at an "odd" place to have a drinking game??


Jayme said...

Holy cow, those cookies look incredible. The pregnant ladies must have been in heaven...and the rest of you, too!

Lindsay said...

Those cookies are adorable!

Ashley Slater said...


I am cracking up that you had a drinking game at a BABY shower! hahaha.... I believe that takes the cake for drinking on "odd" places!

Morgan said...

Loving the mom to be's necklace. Gorgeous!
And thanks for the sweet note on my post today. :) The artwork is fron TJ Maxx years ago but I've seen it at art.com too.
Happy Monday!

CCH said...

That game is so brilliant. I’m making a mental note. I saw several people in Atlanta this weekend wearing their blue wildcat shirts/hats. I thought to myself, oh I need to text my friend! And then realized that friend was you. and you are really my virtual friend (whatever, whats the difference) and so I had to wait to comment and tell you.

Blogging is invading my life

Jenny B said...

Wow, my hangover is really shining through in these photos. Spectacular.

Annie said...

what a fun shower! glad you ladies made it extra fun, haha ;)

~Jamie Kubeczka~ said...

How fun! Oh man those desserts look so good right about now.

Sam {fitnessfoodandfaith.blogspot.com} said...

how fun!! all those treats look amazing :)

Ashley said...

a - you are hilarious with that drinking game

b - you and your friends are like superglam

c -and talented - those cookies look awesome....i think i'd have to change your game to "eat a cookie" every time they said oneside or cute. for the sake of my pants it's probably a good thing i wasn't there!

Megan said...

Looks like y'all had a great time! I am in love with those cookies...I want some! All of the desserts look delicious!!

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