colton gets showered {again}

sunday afternoon was spent showering my nephew, colton, again. jessie is about a month away from the due date and as for me, i just can't wait to be an aunt!!
the shower was held at my moms besties house.  her name is karen and her house is only half as amazing as she is!  
here are acouple pictures for a teeny tiny tour of her gorgeous home.
eat your heart out ladies...

what's that i spy??  oh yes!
it's my grandmother's book just hangin out in karen's home.  i'm a proud granddaughter...

the kitchen. i could really cook some real nice easy mac in there...

so gorgeous.
is this real life?

some of the fam. ...my grandma, my mama, jessie, my grandma (the artist with the book), and moi.
...oh, did i mention today or yesterday that i've been sporting the glasses since i'm getting lasik?!  so that's why i'm 4 eyes.  usually i'd be against posting such tragic photos of myself but i can't deprive y'all of these family photos.
some of the lovely hostesses.  sarah, judy, karen, mi madre.
kentuckyblonde, kentuckyblondes sister, kentuckyblondes mama
geezill petes. this kid is so spoiled already! 

the shower was a great way to begin daylight savings.  i couldn't be happier to become an aunt and spoil the heck out of this precious little bean that will someday call me "the coolest aunt in the entire world" ... even if i have to buy him alcohol pay him money.

do you think it would be weird if i threw myself an "aunt shower" since i'm beginning to feel left out with all these wedding and baby showers goin out in my life these days? ha...ha...ha...


Lindsay said...

It looks like such a great shower Jayme! :) CONGRATS to the proud family!

Annie said...

what a beautiful home!! my goodness!!
looks like the shower was a lot of fun!! colton scored big time ;)
cute pics too!

Perpetual Blind Date said...

Word on the street is you get some awesome presents when you get married or have a baby... what about us single girls though?!

Ashley said...

mother of pearl you have a lot of pregnant and engaged people around you!!! along with some seriously talented people! looks like fun!

can't believe your dad and bro are both in the medical field....too cool!

CCH said...

your mom look so YOUNG! go mom, go mom

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