a full day

sunday was spent downtown at the seelbach, having brunch at the oak room for my mother's birthday and then crusing alll around lousville for the rest of the beautiful afternoon looking at gorgeous houses. 
the waterfront was lovely as ever. since we arrived at brunch a little early, we cruised around downtown, and even went over to brown-forman for a little car tour.

my love.

it was a pretty day for a picture so i thought i would take advantage of the opportunity.  plus, going from legally blonde blind to full eye sight, it makes sunny days that much sunnier!

the beautiful birthday gal!
john, jayme, jessie
oh, did i mention jessie is 8 months pregnant with my nephew colton?
the paparazzi was there too.

and my brother alex.
the fam minus sam.  that poster there was jessie is holding up says "we miss you sam" since she's at college at the college of charleston.  this was obvi after we ate because i was so full and so uncomfortable but in heaven.

this is an awful picture of one of my favorite, real life houses we saw.  of course i loved the 4 million dolla mansions but realistically, this is a house i could see myself cooking, cleaning, being that stay at home mom coming home to after a long day of work.

what's your favorite thing to do on a sunday?


~Jamie Kubeczka~ said...

How fun! Sounds like such a nice day. Love the pics!

CCH said...

1. i want those black pants/leggings you have, SO cute
2. house stalking (i guess viewing..from a distance, is a more appropriate term) is one of Stone and my FAV activities!! so cute.
3. what if the owner of that house reads your blog? that would be so cool

Kerr said...

I spy mimosas on that table! that is my favorite thing to do on sunday

Ashley said...

um, can i borrow your outfit? thanks!

love family weekends - i miss mine :( but i'll see them soon!

my favorite thing to do this sunday was watch the Mr. Big marathon i tivo'd. yeah, i'm cool like that. ;)

bananas. said...

ooh ooh i loooove that white house too! why do the pretty ones always have to be so darn expensive. boo.

Liz said...

I always love the million dollar homes most, of course! someday...

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