my wild and crazy spring break...

sounds like someones got a case of the mondays!
well... it's the monday of my spring break.  and i'm at work.
spring break is a lot cooler when you're in undergrad, getting wasted on the beach, not giving two shits that you're so sun burnt that you live in aloe pools for the next four days, with body shots, smoking pot, wet t shirt contests, somewhere awesome, like cancun, and not a single care in the world.
spring break is a lot cooler when you don't have a full time job, 32 degree weather, and recovering from a weekend with a full blown, 36 hour migraine. 
however, spring break is still freakin awesome that you don't have class, especially when its grad school!  {insert inappropriate amounts of cheering}

so to celebrate my day 1 of spring break-ness, i will be curling up on the couch, watching the bachelor with my bachelor. 

as for my weekend recap, we played board games at my sisters on friday night which was so much fun, and apparently i'm great at taboo  :)
and saturday, we didn't leave the house except for pick up food from the country club and then to pick up my little sister from the bars, myyy how the times have changed!!
sunday, i nursed my severe migraine all day long with a nice dinner at my dads house and then watched real housewives of orange county, uhhhbbb-sessed!

how was your weekend and what type of spring break stories do ya have?!

*bonus points if you can name the movie of that first sentence?!


Kerr said...

spring break, I miss you. summer break, I miss you. christmas break, I miss you. I dont want to be back in school but I sure would enjoy all the breaks!

~Jamie Kubeczka~ said...

I can't wait for the Bachelor tonight!! Women tell all!

CCH said...

oh please, Office Space!

You are lucky. I am sitting in my cubicle, "working".

I love real housewives of really any city, excited for OC this season, i stayed up until the ungodly hour of 11 last night watching it.

and i'm happy to hear yall are catching up on the bachelor. i'm obsessed even though i really hate when they delay the season finale with this woman tell all crap.

OH life, ok well i guess I should get back to "work"

Miss Chelsea said...

Spring break is a lot cooler if you don't have to fill out TPS reports ;)

Lindsay said...


Ashley said...

whoa...i went to disneyworld for my spring break...apparently i wasn't hanging out with the cool kids like you!

are you watching the bachelor right now? you are?! so am i!! i really want emily to win!!!

i have no clue what the name to the movie was...i guess i was watching lame movies with my lame friends too ;)

Whitney said...

i don't really have a spring break in graduate school. super lame. the quote is from office space.

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