no girls allowed

today is tour day over here at kentucky blonde.
my nephew is due in just a few weeks and the final touches are just about finished for his arrival.
this is where the prince will be sleepin for the first while of his wittle life. {pardon the baby talk via computer lingo but i can't help it when i'm talking about him or to him or anything}

his bags are packed, he's a ready to go. he's sitin in his mamas womb... {name that movie for 5 bonus points, i changed the lyrics because i can}

his first couple outfit changes are the most precious little things i've ever seen.

eat him right up.

now, welcome to his room, where there are no girls allowed for another 19 years. 
he's a very loved baby already.

and a rocking horse. because what baby doesn't need a rocking horse?  too precious.

where the prince sleeps.


the coolest shelf ever.  see those KENTUCKY shoes?  whata pimp.  (yup, i gave him those)

where they (they, meaning not me because its gross) will change his dirty diapers.  sick doode.  ;)

hope he enjoys fashion shows because at this rate, he'll have about 9 outfit changes a day.  and this is only a mere fraction of his clothing.  kid's got style.

just in case he gets bored in his room, there's a nice little thing to sit in (clearly i'm not down with my baby furniture lingo yet) in the foyer so he can stare at the striped walls and my grandmother's paintings.

so there ya go. a nice little preview of his world outside the womb.  i can't wait for the little bean to get here and kiss his face off.

what do you think?!


Suzi said...

Such sweet baby boy things! Love the packed closet!

Cute Kentucky shoes, how precious. Grayson has a UK onesie that he'll be sporting this Saturday when we beat UConn :)

Elizabeth said...

This is such a sweet nursery! I love that it isn't overly done in everything blue too!


Kerr said...

so cute! and I love the UK shoes :)

Stefanie @Three-seventeen said...

What a precious nursery!

Sundresses and Smiles said...

i just found out yesterday that my cousin is expecting a baby boy..time for a shopping spree! i'm new to blogging, please stop by!

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