ohh la la!

this lovely little lady will be getting married in less than a month on the beach in seabrook south carolina and i'm lucky enough to be a bridesmaid AND if i may fluff my own feathers for a moment, i was the matchmaker for the two love birds  ;)
saturday night was the lingerie shower and shoooo weeee did she get some great stuff!  

that there is the sister of the bride, the mother of the bride, and the bride. aren't they precious?  

the centerpiece of the table.  the food, glorious!  cat and her fam are celiacs, which means they're allergic to wheat, oats, barley, and rye (i'm 99% sure i got that right) and then alex is a vegetarian (shes another bridesmaid) so it's tough to find the happy medium there.  but they planned it perfectly and we had an amazing salad with every topping you could imagine and the absolute greatest tomato and artichoke soup.  okay, before i get starving again, i'll stop talking about the food. but the flowers are pretty. 

my side of the table.
remember-  i can't wear eye make up still so that's why i look so spooky, SORRY!
alex, she's getting married in june
jordan, she's getting married in august

the other side... lizzie, cat, and meghan.  

the gals... moi, jord, alex, liz, cat, meg

check it...
cat's EXTREMELY talented sister, maggie, is amazing.  she decorated these cookies, all sexual and stuff, and they're beautiful.  

the only thing better than lingerie is lingerie in the form of a cookie  ;)

i loved this card.  how amazing because that's totes what i looked like back in the glasses day.  did i mention it will be referred to as BE and AE?  Before Eyesight and After Eyesight? Great, take note.

oops, how'd that picture sneak in here?  ohhh hayyy honayyyy

no bows broken, no babies... yet.

at the end of the night, we all put the lingerie on.  over our clothes, doy.
aren't we hot?

i love any excuse for a girls night and i especially love celebrating amazing things for my girlfriends.  i couldn't be happier to be a part of so many wedding festivities this year and can't wait for the beach wedding in just a few weeks!  

how was your weekend?  any showers?  did y'all have amazing weather too because the weather in louisville was gloooorious, especially on sunday!  



Lindsay said...

YOU have the best parties. :) I want to be YOU!

MishMish (Hanna) said...

Looks like it was a great party - and those cookies are way too fun!!!

Kerr said...

oh my gosh a wedding in seabrook will be gorgeous!

Suzi said...

Looks like a ton of fun! Those cookies are just too cute.

My sister got married on Seabrook a couple of years ago. We loved it so much, we go back for a family vacation every year!

CCH said...

YAY YOU ARE ALIVE!!!!! How did the surgery go? Did you take any funny pictures? I guess I don't really know what would be "funny about it" Anyways- its almost lunch time for me and those cookies are making me so hungry. Why aren't any of my friends getting married? We are the same age, are we not marriage material!??!! what the hell alabama!

Ashley said...

im seriously beginning to think you do nothing but party....my kind of girl!

and with or without eye makeup you look hott (that's right TWO t's.) that dress is amazeballs!

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