the one where i was successful

usually, these posts are titled epic fail: the food edition or something along those lines but i'm so glad to say it was a success!
john and i made a delicious dinner of toasted ravioli and it was so wonderful that i figured it was only right to share with you peeps!  we used this recipe and yup, it's as easy as it sounds and as delicious as it looks.
the assembly lines... ravioli (al dente), buttermilk, bread crumbs and parmesan cheese, easy to use baking sheet, and a good lookin man... heyyyy good lookin  whatchaaa got coookin, yup that just happened.

{i'd like to give a shout out to my canon rebel for catching the bread crumbs in falling action, making this one of my proudest photography moments}

here's our night. toasted ravioli, wine, funfetti cake (don't worry, we're getting there), and some basketball in the background.  livin the life i tell ya.

then ya fry it.  what? did i say it would be healthy??

swan dive into this platter of heaven?!  don't mind if i do!!

pour on some alfredo sauce and you've got yourself a lovely, romantic meal.

what? you thought i would have nothing healthy at all?  clearly there's broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots right there next to the texas toast!  sheesh, thinkin i'm depriving my love of his nutrients??  (may i please mention this is his plate and no, i did not eat two pieces of the toast and/or have this much ravioli... thanks, that's my disclaimer..plus i needed to save room for the cake)

and just to top of the strictly healthy meal, i decided it was necessary to have a nice funfetti cake. and icing.  doy!

i'm such a natural in the kitchen.  siiike.

i decided not to include pictures of j and me for the simple fact my camera lens couldn't fit both of our fat asses hot selves in the same picture.

so go treat yourself to this meal tonight and report back to me tomorrow that it was the greatest thing you've ever had!  i dare you.  did i mention it was a fraction of what we usually spend when we cook meals?  it was incredibly cheap. ...did i mention that i also got carded to buy nyquil?  c'mon now people, craziness i tell you.

there ya have it. a story of jayme & john doing something and it not being an epic fail!  look ma, i'm growing up!


Kerr said...

looks delish. I got carded to buy nyquil too! and the clerk said, I dont know how old you have to be to buy nyquil but I think 28 is ok. I felt old.

Sam {fitnessfoodandfaith.blogspot.com} said...

looks amazing!! great job on the food win :)

Miss Chelsea said...

In Indiana you get carded anytime you buy most cold medicine... they scan your drivers license and it goes into a database to make sure you aren't' making meth or something? You can only buy so much

Jayme said...

Toasted ravioli, wine, and funfetti cake? That sounds like the PERFECT meal to me!!!

CCH said...

1. you are so sweet
2. your comments are the best
3. raviolli is my abs fav din, i need to make this, seriously might make it this weekend (now i'm really excited)
4. when are you moving to Atlanta?

Lindsay said...

YOUR cooking skills amaze me :)

April said...

fried ravioli?! I didn't even realize you could DO that!!

When you two make a comfort-food dinner you take no prisoners, huh? I had to swallow like 7 times as I was reading this from all the drool. (Sorry, TMI.) (At least my mouth was shut.)

Those falling crumbs are absolutely epic. High five, amigo!

Yours Truly said...

oh my goodness gracious. Can I come over? Those look DELIGHTFUL. All the sudden I am hungry again :)


Sophie said...

omg YUM this looks fricken incredible. love the cake too :) perfect night.
I loveee your blog, so happy i found it. im following x

Ashley said...

you know they make ravioli already put together these days? haha totally kidding - this is awesome and i think i love you 5,000 times more for ending the meal with not only cake....but funfetti cake. i don't care if my kids are allergic...every birthday they will have funfetti cake! you rock!

Kristin said...

I totally want to make this for the hubs! It looks crazy delicious!

meredith said...

it's posts like these that make me hate having severe food allergies. looks AMAZING, omg.

amy (metz) walker said...

I am now STARVING! ha!

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