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i have around 10 weddings so far this year, which three of them are on a beach.  now, i know i live in kentucky and there ain't no beaches round here meaning i'll have to travel.  personally, i prefer travelin in style. 
so i discovered the cutest site, called marleylilly.com which specializes in monogramming and personalization.  the first destination wedding is a mere month away in seabrook, south carolina which i have treated myself to acouple items to make sure people know what belongs to me.  ;)
i'm sorry about the sizes of these pictures, i couldn't get them bigger without making them all ugly lookin...
first, this hat.  who doesn't need a floppy hat with their initials while relaxing on the beach, drinkin a cold one?!  well, i definitely need it.  30 bucks later, and this puppy is all mine.
Lounge Chair Cover- Beach Towel with Pockets
you serious clark?
a towel with pockets?  check!
my initials on it? check!
two toned to make sure it coordinates with my bathing suits? check!

Large Print Market Basket
now, i'll admit, i don't plan on doin any real cooking whilst on vacay and celebrating these upcoming nuptials, but maybe this would make a nice wedding gift? the print market basket for 35 dollas, purdy nice if ya ask me!

one of my personal faves... a 6 pack tube cooler.  AWESOME.  my first thought was ... a yoga mat, to the beach?  NOTTT!  i can bring 6 coors lights with me to the beach to get a nice buzz goin before the ceremony... oops, did i confess that?

Solid Color Can Koozie
and finally.  who doesn't want a matching bridal party all the way down to the way they drink?  matching spray tans, jewels, shoes, dresses, koozies... girls got it goin on!

so there ya have it.  my newest obsession, and check it: i'm not even a sorority girl! 

the only thing better than a beach wedding is personalized EVERYTHING! :)

what's your opinion, to monogram or not to monogram?


Leslie said...

I love monogrammed stuff!! That hat is precious! I've been looking at it on marley lilly for a few weeks now! you will be STYLING At those weddings ;)

Jammer said...

You sure know how to travel!!! Love the hat! :)

Jenny B said...

Ummmm....tube cooler?? YES PLEASE!! Why didnt I think of that??

Leah said...

AMAZING find!!! and I am sooooo excited to hear the good bad and ugly of how your lasik went..I am on the fence!!

Sam {fitnessfoodandfaith.blogspot.com} said...

totally cute! love the pockets on the towel - how handy!

Ashley said...

NOW you come to south carolina....i live 40 minutes from seabrooke!

and the answer is yes...monogram everything. underwear, bras,dress pants, garter belts and your boyfriend's pocket squares...monogram everything.

meredith said...

i LOVE monograms.. everything monogrammed. even my dog's stuff.

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