what a weekend!
first, i'd like to say...
headed to the final four, it was an amazing, basketfull-filled weekend with nail biting, cheering, going crazy, drinking, and celebrating! 
saturday night, we had a surprise birthday party for john's dads and it was a success!

my love and moi. rockin the kentucky blue all weekend for my team.  it was only appropriate.

i took about 6 pictures of john and his two younger brothers, brian and peter, and i kid you not that this is the best one.  between gang signs bein thrown up and closed eyes, it was nearly impossible.  but they're cute, eh?

precious. brian and his super cute gf kristin.

just adorbs.   :) 

right after he blew out his 5-0 candles.  the birthday boy was very surprised which made it a success.  all night long, he kept trying to figure out all the lies everyone told him to make sure he was oblivious to the fact we were all there to celebrate him!  ...not to mention he had tickets to the kentucky basketball game for friday night that he turned out since everyone already "had plans" aka his surprise party the following night.

kristin, moi, peter. and yup, me double fisting. shocker.

she's a cutie.

the purpose of this picture is more to show y'all the house of the party because it was a super cool house.  it was an open floor plan with amazing decorating.  between the michael aram, z gallerie furniture, newly studded couch, and mirrored tables, the newly renovated fire pit and enclosed patio of flowing drapes and torches made the house a perfect party house.  not to mention the champagne toast, the sauna in the basement, and the vaulted ceilings in the master bedroom.  oops, i'll stop now...
which brings us to sunday... kentucky defeated unc yesterday to make it to the final four!  during the game, john and i made these drinks just so we could have something blue to sip on.  we wish they were a more royal blue but that'll work! 

curt, who is to be wed in april to the ever lovely catherine, sported his vintage tee for the game which brings the team good luck.

i'm a very proud kentucky fan and i hope that you will cheer on the wildcats saturday night as they take on uconn for the final game for the championship!

also, i'd like to say congratulations to bellarmine for winning the division II championship.  my grad school winning that and my undergrad school to the final four. WINNING!!!!

what'd you do this weekend?! 


House Queen said...

Looks like alot of fun...Even though I am a Tennessee gal...I have been rooting for UK all the way! Go Big Blue! Have a great week!

Kerr said...

LOVE the dress! and I cant stop smiling today. GO CATS!

The Whitfields said...

Love that blue dress! That's so great that you get to go to Houston!

I was a tri-delt at UK. You look so familiar? Were you an ADPi by chance?


Ashley said...

oh hai! your dress is adora-balls. this whole distance thing and not being able to share clothes is getting annoying!

ps - love the double-fisting going on up there!

Beatriz Craven said...

Wow, 1) Y'all don't mess around!! 2) You do it fabulously! I Love your dress... and the shoes! I kill for a chic neutral that goes with everything.

Hope you have a wonderful day!

That Girl in Pearls

Cathy said...

LOVE your dress ! and shoes, whole outfit is great :)

I have a weird Canadian question - why do u wear your shoes in the house? don't you always have to sweep/mop like crazy?

Love your blog!
Cathy. X

Blogger said...

Sprinter - DarKz (170BPM)

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