tgif... well, at least tomorrow is saturday? :)

remember when i said it's spring break?
well did i mention that spring break does not apply to the weekend MBA?
{please read that "does not apply to the weekend MBA" in your most distinguished, sweater vest and white hair wearing, big bellied old man voice that automatically comes across as better than you that makes you grind your teeth and clench your fists...}
now is that the biggest crock of bologna you've ever heard of?
oh right, all of this means i have class tonight. on a friday night. grr.

okay, sorry, enough of that and it's time to bring my own sunshine!

this weekend, i have two baby showers!  one on saturday and one on sunday!  what joy! little miss hadley and little mister colton will be here within a month of each other and i can't wait to hold both little bundles of joy in my arms and kiss their wittle faces off! ...geez, i'm really getting carried away today! 

so, my lovelies, what do you have planned for this weekend?!  because it's finally here!!

ps. i must add i am devastated about the earthquake and tsunami...really puts things into perspective. japan and hawaii are in my thoughts and prayers.


CCH said...

thank.GOODNESS! Well my dear, i am going to luckyfest this weekend in Atlanta, green beer and all that fun stuff. If we were real live friends i'd invite you! sighhhhhh. anyways have fun at the baby showers! so fun and a PERFECT excuse to dress up! take lots of pics!

Ashley Slater said...

I ran across your blog and I love your header! You are precious! I miss my southern friends and the way you speak reminds me of them, yay for that!


Sam {fitnessfoodandfaith.blogspot.com} said...

i love baby showers - so much fun! we have some friends in town this weekend, so i'm looking forward to lots of laughs and meals :)

Lindsay said...

Have a great weekend girl!

Ashley said...

how were the baby showers?! dang - and 10 wedding this year? let me know if you need food, shelter or clothing....that is a LOT of gifts to buy!

it is definitely CATlanta here this weekend - kentucky blue EVERYWHERE!!!!

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