wordless wednesday {almost}

john's been dogsitting.  his name is sully and he's precious.  and as for the girl scout cookies, well, let's just say i've really enjoyed them lately. 


Miss Chelsea said...

Bah! What a cutie. The dog, not your hubs... I'm not a homewrecker

CCH said...

So cute
And girl scout cookies are my nemesis. Especially the chocolate ones with peanut butter inside. I bought some for austins gradma and he accidently left a box in my apartment. I ate almost all of them. In one day. And then what happens? I go to work and someone brought in 4 more boxes. They are seriously killing me. as I type this in my little work cubicle all I want to do now is go in the break room and get some more. UGH thanks! And p-s- I will get to see stone (LOVE that you called him that ) probably late march when I go to visit. Last year during the season I only saw him 3 times. BOOOO I need a drink.

Sam {fitnessfoodandfaith.blogspot.com} said...

love that dog!! adorable pics.

Jenny B said...

Did you get that dingleberry???

Ashley said...

as awesome as this post is....you really shouldn't do "wordless" anything - you're too funny.

i totally think you were too busy eating girl scout cookies to actually write...just kidding. i'm actually just having cookie envy!

-also, that fuzzy is adorable!!

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