already monday?!

another fast weekend!  i feel like we are always non-stop, which i love, but it makes time fly by.  i just wish time would slow down since i have such great things going on right now in my life, between friends weddings, a great relationship of my own, my amazing family and friends, work, school, everything just seems to go so quickly!
friday night, we ventured to lexington to celebrate the upcoming vows between kelly and reiss!  kelly (the host), kelly (the bride), and me... they were two of my very best friends in college and i loved seeing them again! 

my johnny and moi.

so the drive home. yup, that's what it looked like. jealous?

but the aftermath was worth it.  there's something about horse land in lexington right after its rained.  its fresh, it smells so fresh, and the rolling hills and fences make my heart smile. 

fences.  <3  be still my heart.
in case you don't know, i'm obsessed with fences.  yes, you read that right.

so on the way from lexington to louisville, we got a little "lost" and ended up here:

the woodford reserve distillery.

who doesn't enjoy a little day drinking on saturday at a distillery and lots and lots of bourbon?

i'd like to have all of those, please. 

my hot tamale tour guide. 

i really enjoy that blue color. ...can you tell we're painting the kitchen so i've been obsessing with paint colors?? 

i obviously wasn't listening to the guide dude because i'm not a very good listener in general, especially when i'm surrounded by bourbon, but there was something about these big barrels that was full of foamy stuff and you could stick your finger in it. it was cool.

um, hi, what's your name?  ohh hayy honayyy 
i got a little bit distracted on the tour and i saw these lights from across the way and immediately fell in love with them.  aren't they cool??  even if you're not into the whole bourbon thing, this distillery had the best decor i've ever seen! 

pretty cool, eh?  don't ask me what these things do because i don't know.  with my lack of pay attention, its still a mystery how i'm in grad school and mere months from getting my mba.  :)

isn't the design fantastic?!  i love it.

MY BIRTHDAY!!  we were standing next to the barrels dated 5-28 which is the day this little angel (me! me!) came into this world.

he's great because he lets me take pictures of him.  all the time.

shots! shots! shots!


on sunday, we celebrated my step dads birthday.  isn't he the cutest thing ever!?

my mom made the greatest feast and the weather was perfect to sit outside! 


look at dexter's paws.  hilarious. my mom and stepdad are in the midst of building a pool (well, they're not building it but they're having it built) and the dogs are LOVING the mud.

the back of the house with them hosing off the dogs paws on the right.



hi mama.

my johnny and myself.
me, jessie, madre.

isn't the pool beautiful?

loml. it was windy that day, i tell you.

and my reggie.  isn't he precious??

so there ya have it.  the majority of my weekend in pictures!  it was an amazing weekend and on wednesday, we're headed to south carolina for my best friends wedding!  i can't wait to be on the beach and celebrating the vows of curt and cat. 

what'd you do all weekend?  and feel free to wish my stepdad a happy birthday! :) 



Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Oh my, this post made me so happy as it looked SOOOO fun!!!

Chelsea said...

Hi lovely!
Looks like SO much fun. I so wish we had a little burbon factory near us! We have Sweetwater, which can I tell you Austin/Stone/that boy I’ve been dating loves. He obsesses over beer. Like will go to beer stores, take pictures of beers he doesn’t know much about, Buy nothing, go home, look it up on beer advocate and see what others have rated it, then go back to the store and buy one bottle. He is crazy. So I mean burbon now THAT would be RIGHT up MY alley!

I like how yall got “lost” and “ended up.” We are soulmates……. Sighhhhhhh happy Monday, is it Friday yet? OH and I found a steeplechase hat I THINK I am still going to look but I bought one from tj maxx!! SO much fun!

Beth said...

oh my, that looks like such a fun and relaxing weekend. i love the pictures of those fences. i would love to live on a big piece of land like that.

and i would love to go to a distellery. i've been to a winery and brewery. both were so much fun.

and i'm in SC...but i'm sure where you're going will be much prettier than Greenville.

Natasha said...

ok now that you posted this, we so have to go take a tour of the woodfort distillery...that looks awesome!!!!

Stefanie @Three-seventeen said...

What an awesome weekend!

Sundresses and Smiles said...

looks like a fun weekend! those farm pictures are absolutely gorgeous-- that is my heaven!

Carolina said...

that looks like such an amzing weekend!! have fun at the wedding tomorrow!!!

just wanted to let you know, that I have a great giveaway on my blog! A Bikini by a young female designer! Check out, you'll love it! i PROMISE!

Ashley said...

happy birthday stepdad kentucky blonde!

you are so good at taking pictures - im especially jealous of john getting to stick his finger in the foam....looks like fun!

Rissy said...

well I must say I officially love your blog because you take so many pictures! adds so much to the blog!

I am not following, and I promise all my comments after this one will be way better ; )


Kerr said...

quite possibly the best weekend ever. I love the pics of fences and farms, makes me homesick.

woodford reserve=best way to spend an afternoon.

and that picture of your plate...omg I am starving now and would like all of it!

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