holla atcha gurl

please pardon my absence from this here blog world until next week as we venture to south carolina for...

my best friends wedding!!

the lovely couple. curt and cat. match made in heaven (by me!)

nothing but happiness!
i couldn't be happier for these two love birds, not to mention a little toe in the sand type of action!  we'll be driving through the night so please, feel free to leave long, funny, hilarious, knee slappin types of comments to keep us awake and laughin.  or at least some well wishes for the beautiful couple :)

xo dolls

{pictures stolen from their wedding web site, kthnxbye}


Rissy said...

ooo an opportunity to leave a long comment?!

1. They are pretty precious, and the Jetson costumes tell me they are fun. Awesome.

2. Did you really set them up?! you've gotten feel a whole lot of warm and fuzzies over that.

3. I want to put my toes in the sand, but I got so excited about a sunny day on Sunday that I got a sunburn. I look weird now that its back to rainy and 50.


Kerr said...

have so much fun! you're going to seabrook, right?

Lindsay said...

What an exciting time for you guys :)

Leslie @ A Blonde Ambition said...

Oh girl, have fun playing in the sand for me, m'kay?!

Ashley said...

i am 10,000 shades of jealous that you are going to be in my home state and i am not.

have SO much and please thorougly document everything you do? did you really set them up? if so, you are a good matchmaker! everyone who tries to match make for me sucks.sad story!


Sundresses and Smiles said...

they are such a cute couple! have a blast this weekend!

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