i hate april fools jokes

nice preface, eh?
therefore, nothing in this post is a joke nor meant to be questioned as a joke. there ya have it.
after work today and school tonight, john and i will be getting away from it all and headed to wildcat country in houston!!  woohoo!!  i am so excited for a weekend full of basketball, kentucky wildcats, boozin, travels, john, eating, road trips, flights, hot weather, texas lovin, time away from louisville, and a mini, quick trip.

true man. god is good and god loves kentucky :)

what seems like far away will be here before i know it and we'll be on the flight on our way but until them... i'll be daydreamin...

so while i'm gone for the weekend, my wish to you is to be awesome and if you're not already awesome by being a kentucky fan, i hope that by the end of today, you are awesome by being a kentucky fan. 

xo loves!  have a wonderful weekend! what are your plans?


Kerr said...

the nervousness is really kicking in now.....

Chelsea said...

don't you mean you love april fools jokes??

sorry blog bff, i wouldn't have posted such a nasty tricky post if i knew!

have SO much fun this weekend.
i am really jealous. i thought you should know.
you get to go to tex-ass where its probably warm, relive college day, AND.... you get to go with your boyfriend!

Enjoy every minute of it for me!! :)

Ashley said...

i tried REALLY hard to be awesome for you this week - i took an awesome 2 hour nap, had an awesome dinner at the cheesecake factory and did some awesome damage on my credit card at the mall! ;)

Anna Jane said...

so funny that you know nell! she was in chicago with me this past weekend for my shower and bachelorette. :)

your blog is so cute !

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