i could not be happier to announce there's a new addition to the world o' kentucky blonde.
COLTON ALEXANDER was born at 8:30 yesterday morning, making me the proudest aunt in the entire world.

a whopping 7 lbs 13 oz and 20 inches long, he is pure perfection.

baby and mama are doing great and he already has got tons of lovin from friends and family. 

i'll be back with more info about my amazing weekend at my best friends wedding, the birth of my beautiful nephew, and life in general.  until then, i'm workin to get everything back on track!


xo, one proud aunt.


Chelsea said...

I was SO excited to hear the good news!!!! Ahh he is so precious, Jayme! Have you just been starring at him? A co-worker of mine’s wife just had a baby and they brought him in the other day. We stood there forever, just looking at him, admiring how peaceful and innocent he was. We are all God’s little miracles!

Kerr said...

congratulations auntie! glad to hear everyone is doing well. enjoy your lil nephew!

Annie said...

YAY he is here!! :) he is SO CUTE!!! congrats auntie!!

Ashley said...

AWWWW congrats auntie! he's a cute little dumpling!

and welcome back to the blogging world....it's about.dang.time! ;)

Lindsay said...

Congrats to the proud family :)

Kristen said...

aww, he is beautiful! congrats auntie!

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