it's tough

my weekend was crazy. like seriously, a crazy person's weekend.
let's start at the beginning: friday, i worked all day and then went to class from 6-10. i know, class on friday is the absolute worst thing ever. and to make matters worse: it's forensic accounting. 
saturday morning, we woke at up 5am and drove 3.5 hours to columbus and took a flight from columbus to san antonio... the catch: layover in houston which we got off the flight and stayed in houston for the final four game.  {kentucky vs uconn}

by 2 pm on saturday, we were standing here: in front of reliant stadium in houston, tx. we've traveled far..

it was ginormous.
biggest place in the world. 
but we made it and we were happy... for a little while... 
the KENTUCKY student section. in case you weren't aware of how awesome we are, ashley judd was front and center in the student section because she really knows how to represent.

we are now a part of the highest attendance game at a final four game: over 75,000. whoa.

and that's the end of the game pictures. you know why? because we lost.
The Loss (TL, as it will be called) was rough on everyone.  with a scoring percentage of 17% for field goals in the first half, it was crazy that we were only down by 10.  we didn't play like the team we normally are and the fire just wasn't there.  the mood was off and the baskets weren't being made (by us) ... liggins, miller, harrelson, they just weren't havin it.
i'm sad to say TL was one of the worst moments of my texas history.
the last second 3 by knight brought the worst touch of glimmer to my day just to hear the buzzer and know we lost by 1 was an awful feeling.  the whole stadium was silent, you could hear a pin drop, and that was it. 
over. done. final. loss. heartbroken.

so heartbroken that instead of stayin and exploring houston until tuesday, we left sunday.
the ride home was spent with my legs stretched out with a new blanket and jenny, erika, and john.

we saw a bunch of this and sang awesome songs.  for 16 hours.

so symbolic... lookin back on kentucky...

the scene...

and a lot more of this.  it was the longest shortest weekend i've ever had but it was a good one.
besides kentucky losing, it was wonderful.

how was your weekend?
and do you prefer flying or road trippin'?


Chelsea said...

Ok, I am serious when I say this:

Just reading about your weekend, made me tired!!

I do not know how:
1. you did it
2. your alive to write about it

I am sorry about Kentucky! But happy Uconn beat Butler. My mama sings the National Anthem for them so she recruited me as a Uconn fan. I definitely prefer flying, I cant do long car rides! I cant even begin to imagine what I would do during a 16 hour car ride, but I’m sure yall had fun. Also I am going to email you BECAUSE I am going to steeplechase in GA next weekend and desperately need to find a hat, and I thought you might have an idea . ok longest comment ever is going to end now. Happy Tuesday!!!

Abby Farnham said...

16 hours! blah! i couldn't have done it. i'd rather fly than drive any day.

and yes. the loss... so depressing. but maybe next year will be better!

Jenny B said...

1. Thank you for not photographing me in the car
2. The Texarkana watertower is epic

Sundresses and Smiles said...

sounds like a fun, but busy weekend! my weekend wasn't too big-- mostly did schoolwork and went home for the day sunday which was a nice treat. happy hump day!

A Simple Southern Life said...

What a weekend! I don't know how you did it in the car for that long! I'm so sorry about Kentucky loosing, but there is always next year! I love reading your blog and have awarded you the Stylish Blogger Award(:

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

NOW, that is a packed game!!

Ashley said...

i was SO sad about this loss. i don't even follow basketball but i was in a bar for the last 20 seconds of this game and I "sshhhhd" everyone so i could watch like i knew what was going on b/c i knew you were there. so sad ;(

PS - what the HELL is forensic accounting? that sounds about as fun as pulling out my own toenails.

Kerr said...

uugggghhhh heartbreaking.

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