lovebirds and babies

well, my friends, as we've come to an end of the curt and cat series, i'd like to speak of some other couples, one i love, one i don't love, that are also tying the knot.

can you guess which one i love?

the cutler's
the royal people

unless you're a loser (my apologies if you are) you definitely chose kristin and jay cutler.  after 9 months of dating, he popped the question and although i'm a little jealous of him, as i've always loved kcav, i'm so happy for them! 

as for william and kate, ugh. so over them and their stupid wedding.  the only part of that that i find any touch of interesting is the name pippa, which i think is the maid of honor. 

the countdown has begun.
in 25 days, i'll be in paris for two weeks and i'm still a little bittersweet about spending my birthday there. but it's tough to complain about a birthday in france... i guess i'm spoiled like kate.

are y'all going through colton withdrawals?  me too... here's the prince himself. 
oops, and the princess drinkin some wine.  infants are hard work i tell ya.

speaking of babies, do any of y'all watch 16 & pregnant?  i'm totally obsessed and can't get over that little punk of a father that was on last nights episode.  whata loser!  i bet he follows the royal wedding...

who farted?
thanks cat :)  love

elvis is in the building.
ain't nothin but a hounnnnd dogggg

he is his father.  just got done eatin and his hand is already down his pants and he's alseep.  the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. 

so there we have it.  i hope you all have a wonderful hump day and the weekend comes quick!

which are you: team cutler or team royalty?


Beth said...

that colton is one cutie!

i love the picture of you drinking wine and holding him.

and i'm over the royal wedding too...is it over yet?

Molly Rasmussen said...

This post is hilarious and made me laugh. Love the wine picture... I have a feeling that will be me someday. Also, I'm so over the Royal Wedding so I'm right there with ya! xo

Day Old News said...

I like KCav and Jay together, but have to wonder if it's going to last?? Hope for her sake it does.

Lindsay said...

He is adorable!! I didnt know KCav is getting married! Thanks for the UPDATE :)

Ashley said...

bahaha i love that you posted this the day i posted about the royals. i think this is our first offense! i hate kcav. but i hate lauren too. i'm an audrina and whitney fan! :)

Stephanie and Such said...

hahah TEAM ROYALTY...but it's okay if you aren't :)


natasha {schue love} said...

Oh I had no idea Kristen got engaged...wow! Thanks for stopping by...loving checking out your cute blog! :)

Amber Tidd Murphy said...

I am obsessed with 16 and Pregnant, too. Obsessed.

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