smaiding the bride* : part 1

i can't believe i came back home!  my best friends wedding was held in seabrook, south carolina and oh my!  it was a perfect weekend! 
john and i drove through the night on wednesday, went to our rented house around 4am and then spent the day on the beach.  the beautiful, sunny, amazing beach.  with bocce ball, champagne, and jelly fish. 
THE BRIDE!  THE BRIDE!  so relaxed and wonderful all weekend.  not to mention beautiful! :)

that's alex.  she's gettin hitched in june and i am lucky enough to be a bridesmaid.

poppin bottttles!!  gettt ittt lizzzzie.  she's my permanent other smaid.

champagne toast to a wonderful weekend and a lifetime of happiness for the newest couple. 

the bride and the smaids. (well, some of em)
lizzie. alex. cat. me.

my stud and me. and the bride.  i love this picture. so us.

so gay but i couldn't resist.

waahooo!! cat, liz, alex.
that's liz, she's one of the sister in laws... she's 23 weeks pregnant with a little boy!

2 cute 4 words. remember that??  flash back to when that was cool.  or like qt pie.  ok, i'll stop.

this is eva.  only the cutest little thang in the world.  cat's sister, maggie, has two of the greatest kids ever, jackson and eva.

thursday night, there was a little shindig at the bohicket area at the beginning of seabrook island at a great restaurant called red's.  i walked in and immediately realized i was dressed just.like.the.bride!  instead of a major fashion faux pas, we embraced our great minds thinking alike and showed off our fashion senses. 

that's my best friend forever. she's married now.

and there's my other best friend.

so there ya have thursday of my amazing weekend.  stay tuned for the rest of the days... it only gets better!!! 

is your best friend married?

* smaiding the bride: since there's only one bride, we weren't maid of the brides but we were smaids of the bride. get it? good.


Our Family of Four said...

How fun! Sounds like a wonderful trip and great pics!

simply shea said...

looks like a fab weekend. can't wait to see more pics!

Natasha said...

this looks like a GREAT weekend filled with lots of love!!!!

Rissy said...

my bestie is not married, but she better get married someone cool... and by cool I mean warm.

Loved all the pics! And when I saw the matching dresses pic I was like "wow what a cool idea for bridesmaids dresses!" hahah oops!

Your suit is so cute, and I'm in love with Alex's polka dots!


southern-newlywed said...

I live in Beaufort, SC and Seabrook is just right down the road! :) Your friend had great weather for her wedding. Looks like you all had a blast!

Stefanie @Three-seventeen said...

Looks like the weather was awesome!

Lindsay said...

Looks like a great time! You girls are all so TAN! Im jealous!

Sundresses and Smiles said...

looks like such a fun weekend!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

You girls are a hoot in those photos -- SO fun!!

Kerr said...

everything looks so pretty! I am jealous which is weird since I live there...well close enough.

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures, love the homophobia.

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