smaiding the bride* : part 2

 onto another lovely day, friday. the rehearsal.
but a quick rewind to thursday because i like this picture a lot. i couldn't leave it out.

friday night, the rehearsal. once again, it was perfect. 

oh the joys of 5 inch heels.  there were some awesome stories about the couple, some amazing pictures, and even a little song and dance.  oh, and a great rap as well from cat's brother in law. 

your love is ridiculous
curts hair is meticulous

this is my john.

this is lizzie's john.  sometimes it gets confusing.

but if you can find the liquor, you can usually find my john. he's as good as double fisting liquor drinks as i am!  we're a match made in heaven.

the groom between two other gentlemen.  randy curt john.

my best friends in the whole world. curt, cat, john, lizzie, michael, alex, half of johns head, me.

ali and nell.  ali, cat, and i were inseparable for the first half of our lives and it was so great hanging out with ali again.  she's living in nashville now and i'm determined to visit her sooner than later.  more amazing pictures of ali to come from the wedding night. one may even call such photos "priceless" ... i'll let you decide tomorrow.

my toast to the couple?  this video here. it's lauren, cat, alex, nina, and myself dancing to the spice girls for our 8th grade talent show.  looking back, our parents must have been suffering from a severe case of "parental denial" because these outfits are definitely not 8th grade (or any age really) appropriate. 
i love them.

after the rehearsal, there was a fabulous roast and toast with a bonfire on the beach. with s'mores and vino and fun.  for anyone having a beach wedding, have a roast and toast with a bonfire. it's a win win.

i feel so lucky to have such great friends.  more to come.

* smaiding the bride: since there's only one bride, we weren't maid of the brides but we were smaids of the bride. get it? good.


Rissy said...

sounds like a great weekend!

I like how you are dividing the posts up since this was such a big weekend!

You both have guy's named John? wow! you really are besties.

The beach roast sounds like a great idea, and I think my heart skipped a beat when I read "smores" yyyuuummm.

how did you find that video? haha

Stefanie @Three-seventeen said...

What a cute idea for the video! I always try and think of ways to personalize my rehearsal dinner. Thats definitely a great way! Have a good day. Can't wait to hear about the wedding!

Calmly Chaotic said...

I love your rehearsal dress! It looks like a great event!

Ashley said...

very nice ratio of picture to commentary - kept it very entertaining! ;) everyone looked so gorg...and i want to borrow everyone's dress! glad you had fun - can't wait to read the rest!!

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