smaiding the bride* : part 3

are you getting impatient because all you wanna see is the bride in her white dress?!  lucky for you, we're almost there... but not quite yet.
the bride and her smaids.

saturday morning started out with a bang (read: bloody mary) with the bridal luncheon.  it was held on the second floor of the reception venue and gorgeous.

the sea feel and openness and great flowers, it is gorgeous.

ali, cat, moi.  our dads went to college together and we've been best friends forever. kleenex please.

cat, moi, ali, lizzie, meghan, alex. everyone looks so purdy.

click on this to blow it up because it's super impressive.  cat's sister, maggie, makes these awesome prints.  they are actually made of tiny pieces of paper. im no master, but it's incredible.

congratulations to the bride!

of course i had to include pictures of these amazing (large breasted) cookies!

after the luncheon, we went back to cat's parents house and lounged around while getting our hair and make up done.  it was a perfect, relaxing afternoon because we sent our little girl off to get herself hitched.

sneak peek to the upcoming post: 

* smaiding the bride: since there's only one bride, we weren't maid of the brides but we were smaids of the bride. get it? good.

we're getting so close!  greatest.weekend.ever. and there's only more to come!!

tell me a wedding fun fact! :)


Kerr said...

I want a bloody mary. Its not fair I have to work today.

Stefanie @Three-seventeen said...

What an adorable bridal luncheon. Some great ideas!

Jammer said...

Umm...I can already tell that the dress is going to be GORGEOUS!! I already have like 5 ideas for my friends bridal shower/wedding thanks to you! haha!

corrine said...

I gave you the lovely blog award! I really enjoy your cute blog and your adorable pics! great job girl!

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