smaiding the bride* : part 4

blushing bride in her white!!
the final look of the beautiful bride!  her dress was absolutely perfect and gorgeous.  brought a little tear to my eye to see my little girl all grown up.

speaking of little girl... eva, yet again, stealing the show.  she's such a doll. 

jackson, eva's brother, was also nothin but a stud in his suit.  styyylin!

from this point on, i gave my camera to john since i had to be photo-free and these are the pictures he took... isn't he talented?

isn't this the ultimate dream location for exchanging vows??  dontmindifido...

ali and nell.  the best programs girl on this side the mississippi.

lizzie's john and alex's michael. 

that's me.  just trottin down the aisle.  the dresses are jcrew and the shoes are aldo, some of my personal faves if i do say so myself.  also, each bridesmaid had the same color dress but we each got to choose our own styles and shoes and jewelry and hair style and yada yada yada.  that way, we could all keep our own sense of individuality... ;)

i love this picture of the twins, sophia and emery, and jackson in the middle and the looks on everyones face in the background. 

cat's mom and dad both walked her down the aisle which i think is so cool.  what a blessed family!  they all looked so, so gorgeous!

so there's the ceremony... next up, the rehearsal where things get wild & crazy!  seriously! 

* smaiding the bride: since there's only one bride, we weren't maid of the brides but we were smaids of the bride. get it? good.


Kerr said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE her dress! Gorgeous. Your dress is great too, Jcrew is great for smaid dresses.

Alyson said...

SWOON! Jayme, THANK YOU for posting these! Cat's dress is so gorgeous and so her. You all look beautiful. So sorry to have missed this. Lots of love!

(PS I'm not a stalker I swear - someone told me about your blog. xo)

Leslie @ A Blonde Ambition said...

Oh me!! So much gorgeousness, I don't even know where to start! The bride is SO pretty! And you, Miss Jayme, are stunning in your blue dress and amazing Aldo shoes! So glad you had a great time!

Calmly Chaotic said...

Love her dress!! Great pictures!

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