smaiding the bride* : part 7024

welcome to the reception of a lifetime!
each table had a centerpiece of their own personal cake. i know what you're thinking: own personal cake + open bar + best friends wedding to celebrate = better than you could ever imagine. 
however, i gotta keep it honest around here and let you know that i have ginormous ribs and my dress was tight on my ribs so i didn't eat the cake because there wasn't room.  :)  was that too honest?

the mr. and mrs.

jayme and jayme's john.

lizzie and lizzie's john 
alex and alex's michael

the beautiful bride with her two sisters and mother of the bride. so pretty.

the mother and father of the bride.  not to mention two of the coolest people in the world.
my dad and the father of the bride went to college together and there are some pretty amazing stories about that.  also, the man above was the junior class president in college and my dad was the senior class president in college.  it's amazing the college is still existing together.  those maniacs...

their first dance. i loved her first. so perfect. cat and her dad have an amazing relationship so it was exceptionally special.  he was happy to give his little girl away to a guy that loves her just as much as her dad does. :)

cat is a celiac, meaning she's allergic to wheat, oats, barley, and rye so the cake and a lot of the food was gluten free.  you'd be surprised how great everything really does taste.  you can't even tell it's not "normal" ... haha

oh right. did i mention there was a photobooth?  with millions of costumes? it was the most amazing drunken activity in the world.
ali took it upon herself to always be best dressed.

but the competition was stiff. very fierce.

ladies. please meet ben. he's single and the funniest man to ever exist. if you're in the louisville area (or not) please don't hesitate to let me know that you're interested.  i'd be so happy to play match maker.

ali and her mama. ali looking normal.

ali lookin even better!  ow ow!

the bride and myself.  the photobooth and costumes are a must have.

this is my favorite picture of all time.  a mustache coming outta nell's back, ali and i fighting on the side, maggie getting attacked, and somewhere, in the far back, is the bride. 



pure entertainment.  hilarious.

the evening ended with a picture of my best friend and me. now she's a wife and i couldn't be happier for her!

ever been to a wedding with a photo booth!?

*smaiding the bride: you should get it by now.   :)  if not, please refer to post 1-784.


Kerr said...

I love a photo booth! best wedding idea ever. I have a very embarassing string of photos from the last wedding I attended. I plan to keep them in secret and use them as blackmail one day.

Molly Rasmussen said...

Cute blog! I love finding fellow blondes :)

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