well my friends, the weekend is here and so is the sunshine!
after many many days and weeks of some bad weather, i see the sun and everything is green which puts a smile on my face!

it's hardly a weekend because i have class and work but the thought of having a free sunday is worth it. 

so here are a few quotes to jump start your days off and hopefully playing in the sun.
of course i'm still praying for those that have been affected by the terrible weather and i hope you are too.  those pictures are devastating. i can't even watch the videos anymore. 

this weekend i'll be spending lots of time with my friends that make me laugh, or at least one friend in particular that makes me laugh the most.


have a great weekend!!

any awesome plans? 



Just the Two of US said...

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Rissy said...

great quotes... and so true!

Sunshine is much appreciated around here right now too! crazy how mood altering it can be : )


Ashley said...

that one extra special friend that always makes you smile is me right? that's so sweet of you to call it out....i just don't hope john gets jealous ;) i kid - have fun on your "free sunday"

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