au revoir my loves

i'm sorry for leaving y'all hangin for so long...
but i've been crazy busy working and packing and and charging my cameras and learning french (not!) and getting my life together...

but i'm headed to paris!!

i'll be back in two weeks.  i may blog from there but i'm not quite sure yet! 

i'll miss you all dearly and if you begin missing me too much, just jump on over to paris and join me!!

and don't forget, my birthday is may 28th :)

xo lovelies!

{pictures from tumblr}


garden shower

wedding season means shower season and there's little i love more than celebrating my friends.
like these two.  alex and michael are tying the knot on june 25th and i couldn't be happier.
i remember freshman year of college, alex told me she met "the one" and six years later, they're making it official.

and of course there's lizzie and john.

john and jayme. what's a better background than a grand piano? 

the newest newlyweds, curt and cat.  and a chocolate covered strawberry. must have. 

lizzie, moi, jordan.
jordan is gettin hitched in august. they're all gettin grown up! 
kyb, alex, cat, lizzie, katherine.

that's pat. he's gettin married in less than a month!

and alex.  congrats on making it to the blog.

third times a charm!  ben is becoming a regular around here and still quite the charmer. take a number ladies. (even though i've heard that he's got his eye on a philly?)

the whole crew.  wanna know something crazy?  9 out the 13 of us have gone to school together since kindergarten.  craziness! 

this shower theme was the "garden shower" because alex and michael are big diy-ers and they're masters.  maybe someday they will invite kentucky blonde over to their crib for a garden exclusive. shameless invite? yup, that's exactly what it was.

what's your favorite shower theme??


white pants in france

well heavens to betsy y'all are kind.
you'll never believe me when i say these pants are so old and super cheap!  i bought them many a moons ago in west palm at the nordstroms there.  i know that sounds super expensive but they are not.  when i looked at the tag last night after some questions, the tag said
see thru soul
have you ever heard of them?  well that's where they're from and i've spent the last 42 minutes looking for them online to no avail.  but if i find em, you'll be the first to know. 
however, they are the absolute most comfortable pants in the world, not to mention they are magical.  no matter what size heel i wear with them, whether i wear flats or sky high heels, they work! 
so if you're from see thru soul and want me to review your magical products, hook a sistah up! 

on another note...
i got an ipad yesterday!  insert extreme happiness here!
i figured it out be the perfect best friend to bring to paris with me instead of my silly large(r) lap top.  do you have an ipad? do you love it?

the only downfall, i need a magical purse to hold my ipad, canon rebel, school books, credit card for all my shoppin, AND all my lip gloss.  what's a girl to do?

do any of you lovelies have any idea of the ideal fashions on paris?  i have no idea what to pack to wear!!  ahhh!

help a sistah out!  paris fashion!


yo mama

i realize i'm a touch belated but better late than never!
so here's to you ma.  for being a wonderful best friend.

on sunday, we went to cincinnati and had brunch at the metropolitan club to celebrate my mama, my grandmother, and my aunt.  unfortunately the newest mama in the family, my sister, couldn't make it.

my johnny.  ain't he handsome?

and there's my mama and ricky.
seriously, those glasses are the coolest things in the world, are they not?  major props to rick!
and since jessie couldn't make it, we took a picture of jessie in the middle... totally photoshoppable!

so thanks mama, for being the greatest.


kentucky derby 137

kentucky derby!
let's start at the very beginning...

remember ben?  from this post perhaps? well ladies, he's quite the catch.  i mean, check out that head dress AND overalls!  any man that can pull that off is a winner to me!

so we all met at my friend pat's house and rode a bus down to churchill downs for a fine day of racing! 
johnny and i on the left, MR AND MRS curt and cat in the middle, and cassie and kellen on the right.
ps, curt and cat are married now so they didn't go to derby.  ;)
this is the bus we rode on.  it was wild and crazy and therefore no appropriate pictures were captured. if and when you go to derby, taking a bus is the way to go.

did i mention it rained?  UGH. yes, it rained.  AGAIN!  for like three years in a row, but rain or shine, we still booze!  so for an hour or so, i sported my kentucky rain jacket.

my love and me.

now i know there are about one trillion pictures of john and myself but i promise, we have friends.

see?  there's lauren!

but back to john. :)  does he look like an advanced race track goer?

in the paddock.  and there's a solid picture of my derby hat.

yup!  a 38 dollar bet! but i won!!

okay, so secretly, i had to win.
i bet on every.single. horse in the derby!  that way i had to win!

but i came out $6 on top!  waahooo!! that means i got half a mint julip for free!

cat & me. remember, she didn't go. but you all deserve a full body picture.  :)

yurt face loves us.

bourbon!!  yummy!!!!!!

i forgot to get pictures of the horses while we were at the track but there's a big screen with horses on it so i figured that would have to count.  but i promise, there were horses there and we saw them!

so there's my derby experience!  i didn't get as many drunken photos as i thought i would but it was a great, drunken day anyway!

so... here's the question...

blogger meet up next derby??  who's in??


and they're off!!

pardon my absence because i'll be at derby!!

from years past...

two years ago... chad, my cousin kelly, me, and my cousin cameron.

i don't have pictures from before two years ago because
1. i was too young and immature to bring a camera only to lose it by drinking too much.
2. there was nothing to be remembered from those years.
3. i am doing you a favor by not showing you them.

love DERBY and DERBY will love you back.

from last year.

last year was great... it was rainy and gross and so much fun and then right as soon as the derby race started, the clouds parted, the sun came out, and rainbows were in the sky.  it was amazing.

my hat matched my poncho and i didn't even plan it that way!
scot, on the far left, just announced he's going to be a daddy... again!!
he and his lovely wife, dana, have a 7 month old baby girl named norah and they're 3 months pregnant!  wahoo!

jessie with the mud men.

i'm hoping the weather holds out this year but its lookin like a muddy derby, again!

jessie dad me

the whole fam at last years derby.

so thats where i'll be in case you're wondering!

i'll be back sometime with pictures from this years derby!

who are you betting on?  wanna come to derby next year with me?!?!


dinner is served

we spent sunday afternoon going to a flea market and some other random places looking for something for me to paint, because i think spray painting stuff is basically the best and funnest (yup, funnest) thing to do in the entire world.
so when my dad (oh yeah, my dad came too) spotted these awesome scary lookin trays at the peddlers mall, i knew i needed them.  and they needed to be gold.

AND A STAND!?!  what's better than a tray that needs a good spray paint session AND stands?!  nothing!!  so painting i did and happy i was! 

i opted for a nice gold color because i figured it would look good with anything else i decide to pair with the trays for our upcoming cook outs and things. 
hear that friends?  cook outs are in our future!!

gettin it from all angles...

drum roll for kentucky blonde getting all artistic and stuff!!...

da da daaaaaa!
artistic or autistic?  ;)

that was solid find that i found this weekend also.  let's play a quick game of the price is right... $1.50!!  one dollar and fifty cents for the straw holder AND the new straws that are inside!  i seriously have not been the same since that purchase.

also, i thought the house needed on sprucing up in the whole "spring" arena so i ventured out and bought these beauties to liven up the look!!

do you love em or what?
they have a lot of detail, can you see it?

rest your head and take a nap on these suckers!
except you might get a sequin in the eye ball!

so what do you think of the spring additions?!


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