dinner is served

we spent sunday afternoon going to a flea market and some other random places looking for something for me to paint, because i think spray painting stuff is basically the best and funnest (yup, funnest) thing to do in the entire world.
so when my dad (oh yeah, my dad came too) spotted these awesome scary lookin trays at the peddlers mall, i knew i needed them.  and they needed to be gold.

AND A STAND!?!  what's better than a tray that needs a good spray paint session AND stands?!  nothing!!  so painting i did and happy i was! 

i opted for a nice gold color because i figured it would look good with anything else i decide to pair with the trays for our upcoming cook outs and things. 
hear that friends?  cook outs are in our future!!

gettin it from all angles...

drum roll for kentucky blonde getting all artistic and stuff!!...

da da daaaaaa!
artistic or autistic?  ;)

that was solid find that i found this weekend also.  let's play a quick game of the price is right... $1.50!!  one dollar and fifty cents for the straw holder AND the new straws that are inside!  i seriously have not been the same since that purchase.

also, i thought the house needed on sprucing up in the whole "spring" arena so i ventured out and bought these beauties to liven up the look!!

do you love em or what?
they have a lot of detail, can you see it?

rest your head and take a nap on these suckers!
except you might get a sequin in the eye ball!

so what do you think of the spring additions?!



Stefanie @Three-seventeen said...

This is awesome! Definitely artistic! Great job :)

Rissy said...

yes. I do love the pillows.

And after seeing your trays, I really want to spray paint something! You did such a great job of turning something old and cruddy into something fabulous!


Lindsay said...

You are amazing :)

Ashley said...

i am blown away by your craftiness.....and that totally even spray paint job! you are amazeballs!

Jenny B said...

haha "sequin in the eyeball"

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