garden shower

wedding season means shower season and there's little i love more than celebrating my friends.
like these two.  alex and michael are tying the knot on june 25th and i couldn't be happier.
i remember freshman year of college, alex told me she met "the one" and six years later, they're making it official.

and of course there's lizzie and john.

john and jayme. what's a better background than a grand piano? 

the newest newlyweds, curt and cat.  and a chocolate covered strawberry. must have. 

lizzie, moi, jordan.
jordan is gettin hitched in august. they're all gettin grown up! 
kyb, alex, cat, lizzie, katherine.

that's pat. he's gettin married in less than a month!

and alex.  congrats on making it to the blog.

third times a charm!  ben is becoming a regular around here and still quite the charmer. take a number ladies. (even though i've heard that he's got his eye on a philly?)

the whole crew.  wanna know something crazy?  9 out the 13 of us have gone to school together since kindergarten.  craziness! 

this shower theme was the "garden shower" because alex and michael are big diy-ers and they're masters.  maybe someday they will invite kentucky blonde over to their crib for a garden exclusive. shameless invite? yup, that's exactly what it was.

what's your favorite shower theme??


Chelsea said...

Yall are so cute! Kind of embarrassing, that I already saw this last picture on facebook. so cute, i want to JOIN!

Hi my name is chelsea, and I have a problem.

Ashley said...

i'm convinced you just hop from shower to wedding to party to shower....you and your magic white pants! i want a group of hot friends where all the boys are named john and all the girls have cool names like cat and jayme (duh).

i want to join with chelsea too -we'll carpool from atlanta!

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