kentucky derby 137

kentucky derby!
let's start at the very beginning...

remember ben?  from this post perhaps? well ladies, he's quite the catch.  i mean, check out that head dress AND overalls!  any man that can pull that off is a winner to me!

so we all met at my friend pat's house and rode a bus down to churchill downs for a fine day of racing! 
johnny and i on the left, MR AND MRS curt and cat in the middle, and cassie and kellen on the right.
ps, curt and cat are married now so they didn't go to derby.  ;)
this is the bus we rode on.  it was wild and crazy and therefore no appropriate pictures were captured. if and when you go to derby, taking a bus is the way to go.

did i mention it rained?  UGH. yes, it rained.  AGAIN!  for like three years in a row, but rain or shine, we still booze!  so for an hour or so, i sported my kentucky rain jacket.

my love and me.

now i know there are about one trillion pictures of john and myself but i promise, we have friends.

see?  there's lauren!

but back to john. :)  does he look like an advanced race track goer?

in the paddock.  and there's a solid picture of my derby hat.

yup!  a 38 dollar bet! but i won!!

okay, so secretly, i had to win.
i bet on every.single. horse in the derby!  that way i had to win!

but i came out $6 on top!  waahooo!! that means i got half a mint julip for free!

cat & me. remember, she didn't go. but you all deserve a full body picture.  :)

yurt face loves us.

bourbon!!  yummy!!!!!!

i forgot to get pictures of the horses while we were at the track but there's a big screen with horses on it so i figured that would have to count.  but i promise, there were horses there and we saw them!

so there's my derby experience!  i didn't get as many drunken photos as i thought i would but it was a great, drunken day anyway!

so... here's the question...

blogger meet up next derby??  who's in??


Kerr said...

I'm in!!

your hat is hot

Cathy said...

I love your outfit! especially the shoes and hat !
I watched some of the derby on TV, I was looking for you in the crowd - In a completely non-stockerish-creepy-weirdo kind of way :P
Glad you had a blast !

Lindsay said...

Ok, your hat is ADORABLE! HOW FUN!

Jacqueline @ JaxandMarbles said...

Looks so much fun! Love your shoes!!! And yes, I'm in Cincinnati so a trip to the derby is definitely doable!!! :)

Ashley said...

i say this in a completely non-flirty, non-skank manner but your man has amazing eyes! seriously - it's like bedroom eyes 24-7. you's a lucky gal! ;)(and i'm not just saying that because he said you could pre-invite me to ya'lls wedding!!)

BUT he's a luckier guy! LOVE the hat! you look adorbs!

Mo said...

totally love your bloggidy blog!!! I loved reading and seeing the pics from the derby...I too went, but via satelitte in the luxury of Oklahoma's Remington park (saw some cool live races here though). I know not as cool as your hijinks, but still fun!! New follower here for life! Love the blog!

Sarah663 said...

First time commenter - just wanted to say that MY FRIEND TOOK A PICTURE IN THAT HEADDRESS AT DERBY! She has it as her profile pic on facebook. Love it!


Wow, the Kentucky Derby and you actually won something, congrats!.. It's one of those things you always hear about but have never actually been to so it was nice to see your photos of it..

Nice blog, following you now.. Hopefully you can visit my page soon also :-)

Hugs from NYC!


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