tgi may!

i'm welcoming may with open arms!  get this rain outta here and give me some sunshine!!

not only is may my birth month (whoop whooop!) but there are about 193784 other things happening too!  just to name a few...

a break in school

derby (!!!)
we've finalized started working on our plans but the important part is that we're definitely going!  the work situation got itself worked out and i couldn't be happier! 

my little sister comes home for the summer!

my other little sister graduates! (the drop dead beauty in the purple!)

mothers day. what's better than a picture of my mother with my boyfriend? absolutely nothin... except derby.

in the mix, we even get to celebrate a lovely couples upcoming wedding with a nice little garden brunch that i can't wait for!
a more "normal" picture...
alex and michael's shower

my blogs birthday
which is a reason to celebrate!  big 2 years old! what should i get her?

more to come with that. but i'm headed out to paris france for quite some time.

my birthday
yup, that's a legit picture of yours truly. santorini, greece.

life changes
i know that life is always changing but seriously, may is amazing and i love it. my life changes mean great things and i am so happy right where i am and where i'm going!

what do YOU have going on in may?!


Rissy said...

nothing I am doing in May is even a tiny bit as exciting as going to Paris! and "for quite some time"???? need to hear more about this.

I love how May is usually a time for a lot of endings and new beginnings! And the weather is so pretty, it makes it that much better.


Just the Two of US said...

I'm super pumped about DERBY! whooo hoooo!

Kerr said...

you have got some fun stuff coming up chica!
I am going to Miami next weekend for my brothers graduation. Other than that my crazy schedule finally calms down a little.
not making it to the derby but a lexington friend is coming down here so that will have to count for me!

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