white pants in france

well heavens to betsy y'all are kind.
you'll never believe me when i say these pants are so old and super cheap!  i bought them many a moons ago in west palm at the nordstroms there.  i know that sounds super expensive but they are not.  when i looked at the tag last night after some questions, the tag said
see thru soul
have you ever heard of them?  well that's where they're from and i've spent the last 42 minutes looking for them online to no avail.  but if i find em, you'll be the first to know. 
however, they are the absolute most comfortable pants in the world, not to mention they are magical.  no matter what size heel i wear with them, whether i wear flats or sky high heels, they work! 
so if you're from see thru soul and want me to review your magical products, hook a sistah up! 

on another note...
i got an ipad yesterday!  insert extreme happiness here!
i figured it out be the perfect best friend to bring to paris with me instead of my silly large(r) lap top.  do you have an ipad? do you love it?

the only downfall, i need a magical purse to hold my ipad, canon rebel, school books, credit card for all my shoppin, AND all my lip gloss.  what's a girl to do?

do any of you lovelies have any idea of the ideal fashions on paris?  i have no idea what to pack to wear!!  ahhh!

help a sistah out!  paris fashion!


Jacqueline @ JaxandMarbles said...

Do you love your Canon Rebel? I've been eyeing it for about 2 months now and im trying to work up the courage to buy one! What do you think? Did you buy extra lenses for it too??

Jenny B said...

Wear black and lots of scarves! And email a sistah!

Rissy said...

love that everyone else commented about the pants! I feel like I am one of the cool kids ; )

oh and I have seen super cute camera bags around the blogs that look big enough to fit other stuff! like super super cute


Kerr said...

I need magic pants! My white pants are too long for flats and I hate to buy a new pair just to wear with flats.

Amber Tidd Murphy said...

Ask fellow blogger Ashley Stone. She's super cute, and she just went to Europe recently!

Enjoy your iPad!

Ashley said...

ok whoa? you're going to paris AND you have magical pants? life is SO NOT FAIR!

i'm super jelly over that ipad! i've heard amazeball things. love you and your magical pants :)

have fan in la pari!

simply shea said...

you need a big long champ bag! it'd hold everything perfectly. i carried mine all over europe last summer! and you need to look super chic! they all dress fabulously! just wear your normal cute clothes and add fun accessories and you'll be fab!

Cat said...

Love those pants! I have a few pairs of *embarrassingly" old pants too that I still wear the heck out of. They just don't make things like they used too :)

xx Cat brideblu

ps. I have ipad envy but also am very happy for you! Play a game of Fruit Ninja for me:)

Chelsea said...

i still have white pants envy. and i still have not been able to find a good pair!

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