introducing the deals!

let's take a walk through these ever so beautiful trees to the wedding of alex and michael! (i'm your tour guide)...

i couldn't wait any longer to post the dress!  isn't she gorgeous?! 

the wedding was at yew dell gardens and it was absolutely beautiful! 

oh right, her amazing shoes. brings tears to my eyes...

look at that view!

the wood was taken from her parents farm and she made each sign with love!  she worked very hard on the details and it was so worth it!

yeaaa!  party and celebrating and dancing and cocktails!!

say cheese!

the menu... alex and her sisters and mom and some others are vegetarians...

and catherine and her family are all celiacs so they're all gluten free!  everyone felt so special!

a lounging area...

alex made all these pillows!

so so pretty!

ahh! i can't get it straight!!! so just tilt your head. :)

my johnny!  alex made all of us these gorgeous head pieces!  each one was different and beautiful!

mi madre and myself.

alex gettin her groove on.


we all danced all night long on the dance floor to an amazing band! when they finished their last song, everyone chanted ONE MORE SONG! ONE MORE SONG! so they did just that, played one more song!  being sweaty and nasty was totally worth it!

her beautiful dress and jewels!

is it okay to admit that this is the only picture of the couple on their wedding night that i got of them??  it's amazing on every level!!

alex and michael-
your wedding was as beautiful as you two as a couple! i love you both dearly and can't wait for all of your babies to be born! :) :) :)

as for me, i'm off to florida! i hope you all have a wonderful and safe 4th of july weekend!!  xoxo


ready set go

saturday morning was spent in the beautiful suite at the seelbach hotel in downtown louisville getting all of us girls pretty. we were so spoiled for the day, eating, napping, watching father of the bride and 27 dresses, getting our hair and make up done, and eating some more.

foods galore.

more dips than the eye can see.

by the end, it was all gone...

alex's mom and aunt did an amazing job with tending to every detail throughout the day!  even our champange glasses had flowers with our names on it to identify so after 98235 mimosas, we kept track of them. :)

after a long day of pampering, there's the *almost* finished products! 

next up, THE WEDDING!! 


big news!

we interrupt this scheduled programming to bring you
big news!

i quit my job.
that's right folks, i quit it. just like that, it's done.

i'm headed to florida tomorrow to soak it up and live life a little bit and we'll see what happens from here!  i have another job lined up and its bittersweet to actually quit but i can't wait to see what the future holds for me!

the rehearsal

the rehearsal began at yew dell gardens where the wedding took place.  it is absolutely beautiful those pictures will have to wait.  from there, we went to riverbend winery for toasts, roasts, dinner, drinks, and fun (including the bridesmaids gifts)  :)
lauren, lizzie, cat, moi, nina.  have i mentioned we've all been besties since about the age of 5.  so presh, eh?

my johnny and myself. i know it's not the greatest picture of him but let's focus on my dress, shall we? i got it in paris and i simply love it.

michael was seriously made for alex, and vice versa. but i say that because alex and michael "diy-ed" for most of this wedding.  michael even spent night sewing these beautiful birds that were used for the table seating assignments.  they work so well together and dee wade wasn't lyin when he said the greatest word to describe them is "partnership"...

aw, yes, the tables. they even made that little "4" there from wood from alex's parents farm and then nailed the chalk board and all that together.  (alex - am i saying all this right??)  ;)

the beautiful bride and myself! 

the handsome groom and my handsome john!

mr. kentucky blonde & moi.

lisa and her love. it was so awesome seeing all the out of towners that came in for the wedding!  i loooved it!

see that 4? and that birdcage. it was all so perfect. i could just eat it all right up!

she's just a peach! but don't go hittin on her because she's spoken for!  she's maaaaaarried!!!  :) :) :)

cat and alyson. again, those out of towners need to come into town more because i loved seeing them so so much!


our bridesmaids gifts!  we got monogrammed robes that i secretly haven't taken off yet. yup, i'm wearing it under my work clothes. 

and i'll leave you with a picture of lots of girls in their robes.... do i have any male readers??

what's the best bridesmaid gift you've received?


luckiest girl in the world

seriously, i have the greatest friends (blog friends aaaannnddd "real" friends) but this weekend, we celebrated alex and michael becoming husband and wife.  alex and i have been besties since we were around ohh, i don't know, 8 or so, so it's been awhile! 
thursday night kicked off the weekend with a cookout at the bride's parents house!

the girls played cornhole while the boys grilled and drank.. 
and then the girls left the cornhole for the boys and switched it out for food and wine.  cougar town style wine glasses, filled to the top...

and then we had the photoshoot of the ladies... stefanie is one of alex's besties from college, she's on the far left, then it goes cat, alex, lauren, lizzie, and moi! 

and just because i couldn't decide which i liked best, i included both!

and alex showing off (most of) her bridesmaids! 
then john and i attempted to have a picture taken...
but curt got in this one...

and then alex jumped in with curt but john and i were still there...

and then voila!  my johnny and myself. <3

and curt and cat.  they were married back in april and they were also our roomies for the weekend in the hotel! i love these two so so much!

the groom.

whata hotttttie!

my little doll face.  he's the cutest...

in true kentucky blonde fashion, you'll have to wait for tomorrow for the rehearsal because let me tell you, no expense was spared for the entire weekend!  it was all beautiful!

congrats to alex and michael!

what'd you do this weekend? wedding?
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