arc de triomphe

 today ladies and gents,
i shall bring the arc de triomphe to your screens.
the first night in paris, our school put together a "paris by night city tour" by bus. it had its ups and downs but i did manage to get a semi cool picture that i personally enjoy. so on the bus, i attempted to take pictures of this significant monument and after i snapped this photo...

i snapped this one.  there's our bus driver. do you see the difference of the photos? are you impressed or do you wish i didn't share the touch of canon rebel-ness with you guys? i need some feedback here people!

champs de elysses is the little street its on.  brace yourself for the list of stores:
ZARA (!!!!!!), h&m, louis vuitton, cartier, jeep, and millions of other french stores that i deemed amazing. to say i did some shopping may or may not be an understatement.

if i'm bringing you guys on a tour of the arc de triomphe its only appropriate to include some "historic" photos, right?

there ya have it.

i didn't get a great picture (imagine that) of the circle around the arc de triomphe but it was absolutely crazy. there are no lanes and cars are ALL over the place, just changing "lanes," honking, yelling, cussing, everything. 
fun fact:  rumor has it there are more wrecks in the circle around there than anywhere else in the entire world.

ohhh the ceiling. so excitingggg...

some government people were there having something exciting happen but it didn't interest me enough to do anything more than snap acouple pictures. if you're interested, email me and i'll make up a story to remedy your curiosity.

so important.

are you tired yet?

ah there we are!
have i mentioned lauren yet? well that's lauren!  she was my roomie while we were there and also part of team dandy. team dandy is my team for my gradute school and i could not imagine my life without lauren! 

and these are the dudes we roamed paris with.  jeremy, patrick, and kevin. they're all married to some great lad-ies who trained them well to wait at a bar while the girls did some shopping and we were lucky to have them because lauren and i are completely useless when it comes to directions, metros, or making decisions.

lauren and moi.

we went to this place called cafe flamme for dinner and patrick and jeremy both ordered double bourbons.  being from kentucky, we drink bourbon on the regular, and its usually not too pricey.  however, when the bill came, we realized that a double shot of bourbon was 22 euros which is about 30 dollars!  haaaahahaha  suckaaaas!  :)

proof that lauren and i rocked out the metro!

but then there's proof that after our battle with the metro we were in dire need of some drinks.  well worth it!

arc de triomphe... love it? or what?


Lindsay said...

What an awesome experience. You are so blessed!

Chelsea said...

I am jeaaaaaaalous! It is so beautiful and am looovin the photos. I want yo camera guuuuuuuurl

Kerr said...

I am getting very jealous of your trip as these posts go on. and now I would like some french wine. boozy lunch break? I think so

Leslie @ A Blonde Ambition said...

LOVE seeing your pics! What a fun trip!!

Jenny B said...

Aaaahhh you look so freaking cute & Parisian!

corrine said...

Yes - your pictures are amazing!!!! It looks absolutely beautiful there! I am glad you glad you had a great time!!



corrine said...

*had hahaha - that almost looked like a Dr. Seuss comment or something. Oops!!!

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