i'm baaaack!

i've been super busy exploring the world, celebrating my birthday, going luggage-less for 2 full days in paris, going to brussels, belgium, champange country, epernay, reims, and all over paris.  an amazing two weeks but exhausting!  i'm glad to be home with my love but could definitely continue the break of not working! :) 

the recap of the best days are coming soon but i need to gather my pictures together, work on this jet lag, and spend some time with my family now that i'm home!

just to prove i'm alive and well :)

i hope you have a wonderful weekend!


corrine said...

Glad to see you back! Can't wait for pictures!!!

xoxo Corrine


** changed my blog name btw :)

Chelsea said...

um. FINALLY. do that again... and i don't know... i might de-friend you. well maybe.

only after i see all your paris pictures.. and then probably not.

im all talk, anyways so happy you are back and safe and sound!!

abby said...

i cannot wait to see pictures!!

Kerr said...

welcome back!

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