i louvre you

ready for some super random pictures now?
the last night boat ride down the seine. this is our group at dinner.

lauren and i on our home away from home - the metro.

check out that pda.  i was the complete paparazzi while i was there trying to get as many creepy pictures as possible.

the louvre.  in my opinion, if you've been there once, you've been there enough.  i was there about 12 years ago and i have to admit, i could've skipped it this trip around.  it's beautiful, and stunning, and the home of mona lisa, but it doesnt change much. should i not say any of that?

another set of pda-ers!!  they are all over the place!  can you believe that hand movement? sheesh!

inside the louvre.

after a day at the louvre, it was mandatory for a bottle glass of vino!

have you seen the mona lisa in real life? do you think you'll ever see it twice??

happy happy weekend!!!!


Kerr said...

the pda is hilarious!

corrine said...

Hi lady!

Quick question... your pictures turned out amaze from Paris, what kind of camera do you use?

I need a new one desperately!



Ashley said...

i think a baby may have been made on that bench - that is intense horizontal pda!

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