i'm everywhere!

ladies and gentlemen!  please, have a seat for this one!

my love went above and beyond for my birthday this year and created KENTUCKY BLONDE in an APP!! 

so pick up your iphone or ipod or ipad or whatever smart phone you have and head to the app store to purchase (don't worry, it's free) kentucky blonde!
that way i can be with you ALL THE TIME!!!!  what's better than that??

but please, do me a favor and get it so i can feel like you love me!  :)

i hope you all had a wonderful weekend and i'll be back soon to recap my nonstop weekend! 



Kerr said...

ah! I cant find it :(
is it just for apple? I am not cool enough for an iphone so I have the android app market

tiffany lee said...

that is so exciting! i just downloaded it :)

Ashley said...

seriously?!!! um if i wasn't the last person in the world to have dial up internet on their phone, i'd totally download this....but know i still love you :)

Amber Tidd Murphy said...

Dude. That is dope.

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