luckiest girl in the world

seriously, i have the greatest friends (blog friends aaaannnddd "real" friends) but this weekend, we celebrated alex and michael becoming husband and wife.  alex and i have been besties since we were around ohh, i don't know, 8 or so, so it's been awhile! 
thursday night kicked off the weekend with a cookout at the bride's parents house!

the girls played cornhole while the boys grilled and drank.. 
and then the girls left the cornhole for the boys and switched it out for food and wine.  cougar town style wine glasses, filled to the top...

and then we had the photoshoot of the ladies... stefanie is one of alex's besties from college, she's on the far left, then it goes cat, alex, lauren, lizzie, and moi! 

and just because i couldn't decide which i liked best, i included both!

and alex showing off (most of) her bridesmaids! 
then john and i attempted to have a picture taken...
but curt got in this one...

and then alex jumped in with curt but john and i were still there...

and then voila!  my johnny and myself. <3

and curt and cat.  they were married back in april and they were also our roomies for the weekend in the hotel! i love these two so so much!

the groom.

whata hotttttie!

my little doll face.  he's the cutest...

in true kentucky blonde fashion, you'll have to wait for tomorrow for the rehearsal because let me tell you, no expense was spared for the entire weekend!  it was all beautiful!

congrats to alex and michael!

what'd you do this weekend? wedding?


Day Old News said...

This makes me want the weekend right now! How fun. Yes, I was at a wedding too, seems like there were millions on Saturday!

Miss Chelsea said...

you girls are too cute! I love the picture of you guys where you're friends jumped in front... fun! We played some cornhole this weekend too =)

Chelsea said...

people who get to hang out with their boyfriends sort of make me jealous. wheres my invite???? i want to play!

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