my friends are gettin hitched!

this weekend kicked off the three weekends in a row of weddings!  i'm a lucky girl to have so many friends that have found their better half and even let me celebrate with them!  :) 
but, we'll start with friday night.  we went to churchill downs (home of the kentucky derby) for a little bit of night racing which is always a great time.  we may have lost some $ but oh well.  i had enough drinks to not care.

saturday night was the wedding of kelly and reiss and it was beautiful!  the reception was at the brown hotel, a perfect venue in downtown louisville.  my johnny and myself.  isn't he precious?

my johnny, drew, and james.

the lovely bride, kelly.

the handsome groom, reiss.

i apologize for being a poor photographer at the wedding but the professional photogs were takin my space.  ;)

happy happy fathers day!  unfort i forgot to get a pic of my dad dad but here's my stepdad (and the new pool!!) getting his gift of a new basketball hoop for the pool.  i can't wait until i can actually spend time out there and relax a little!  maybe someday...

on top of the new hoops, we also got my stepdad this stellar grill! nothin beats this rad picture of the grill, the basketball hoop, and the pool in the background AND my brothers ginormous arm on the side.

so ladies and gents, that's all i've got for today. i'll be back later with more party pictures (shocker ashley, eh?) and some bachelorette party blackmail and a little bit of news of the life of kentucky blonde.

oh wait! how could i forget?!  did you watch miss usa?!  what'd you think?  texas got robbbbbed!  she was by far the greatest of the final four. tennessee was YUCKY!!!!!  alabama somehow fell through the cracks because quite honestly, i don't think she belonged in the top 4.  but california did look absolutely gorgeous with that hair color and PERFECT dress!! 

who was your favorite??


Katelyn said...

I loved Miss California, but I was routing for Alabama!! :)

Love your new blog app!!


Ashley said...

one day i'm going to log onto your blog and it's going to say "yeah me and john sat on the couch all weekend and ordered in and net-flixed it"...of course you'll probably be 80 when that happens! night racing at churchill downs?? I am sooo jelly! looks like a blast!

Kerr said...

I am dying to go to night racing!

Michelle said...

Your dress for the wedding was SUPER CUTE!!!!!!

♡ bAs said...

Looks like a fun time!
I can't wait to hear about more weddings!

I just stumbles upon your pretty blog! (:

Chelsea said...

i was reading old posts of yours on your bloggie from my bed last night... i am officially a weirdo!!!

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