one last hoorah

i was thinking of how i spent my birthday when i was in paris and realized i never posted about the magical day. we went to sacre coeur and it was the greatest place in paris.  (in my opinion, of course) ...but the views were absolutely stunning, the live music was splendid, and the weather was superb. 
my good photos wouldn't upload, i'm not sure why, but in all reality, there's no picture that would do this place justice.  the whole surroundings are what make this place so beautiful.

oh, did i not mention that we didn't use a hair dryer OR straightener the entire time we were there??  that's why my hair looks like that but you know what, i was on "vacation" and frankly didn't feel like getting ready. so that's that. but that's also lauren. :)

can you see the singer man right there in the middle?  he was the absolute worst voice you'll ever hear in your entire life but for some reason, i loved it.  it was so entertaining and the crowd sang along too and it was just perfect.

that's the church that is on the very top of the hill, sacre coeur.  the blue skies, the greener than green lawn, the colorful flower. i can't say enough about this place.

also, i need to point this out...
so you know jennifer lawrence?  well one of my great friends is her older brother so of course i'm always following what she's doing.  there were xmen and the beaver advertisements ALL over the metro and when i saw two of them right next to each other, i just haaad to get a picture of it!  so yay for jen!!

mouth watering, for sure.  this is a true french caprese salad.  (are they originally italian? i don't know, nevermind...) but holy amazingness!  this was my favorite thing ever and definitely picture worthy.

another picture worthy view... this is on the way to champage country and i loved this drive SO much.  i've always been one to go on drives with no where to go and the radio super loud.  i may not have had the radio for this ride, but the fields and rolling hills and beautiful scenery was enough to keep my attention (and canon) the entire time.

this is in reims and it's beautiful too.

if i had a boat in paris, i'd be a happy girl.

and of couse i had to include the most precious little muffin ever, my nephew colton!  i could just kiss those little lips right off!! :)

i hope you have a wonderful weekend!



Kerr said...

champagne country? I want to hear more about that! sounds like heaven

Miss Chelsea said...

ok paris -- gorgeous. your nephew - adorable!

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