the rehearsal

the rehearsal began at yew dell gardens where the wedding took place.  it is absolutely beautiful those pictures will have to wait.  from there, we went to riverbend winery for toasts, roasts, dinner, drinks, and fun (including the bridesmaids gifts)  :)
lauren, lizzie, cat, moi, nina.  have i mentioned we've all been besties since about the age of 5.  so presh, eh?

my johnny and myself. i know it's not the greatest picture of him but let's focus on my dress, shall we? i got it in paris and i simply love it.

michael was seriously made for alex, and vice versa. but i say that because alex and michael "diy-ed" for most of this wedding.  michael even spent night sewing these beautiful birds that were used for the table seating assignments.  they work so well together and dee wade wasn't lyin when he said the greatest word to describe them is "partnership"...

aw, yes, the tables. they even made that little "4" there from wood from alex's parents farm and then nailed the chalk board and all that together.  (alex - am i saying all this right??)  ;)

the beautiful bride and myself! 

the handsome groom and my handsome john!

mr. kentucky blonde & moi.

lisa and her love. it was so awesome seeing all the out of towners that came in for the wedding!  i loooved it!

see that 4? and that birdcage. it was all so perfect. i could just eat it all right up!

she's just a peach! but don't go hittin on her because she's spoken for!  she's maaaaaarried!!!  :) :) :)

cat and alyson. again, those out of towners need to come into town more because i loved seeing them so so much!


our bridesmaids gifts!  we got monogrammed robes that i secretly haven't taken off yet. yup, i'm wearing it under my work clothes. 

and i'll leave you with a picture of lots of girls in their robes.... do i have any male readers??

what's the best bridesmaid gift you've received?


A Simple Southern Life said...

Looks like fun, your dress is adorable!

Jenny B said...

The dress & shoes looked perfect! SSD + FMPs = OOC ;)

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