truffles from brussels

one of the greatest days was in brussels, belgium.  who would've thunk that i would love that city that much!?
the morning started out absolutely miserable when we woke up at 5:30, rode the high speed train to brussels, and then sat in classes until about 1:30.  it was looking to be the worst day ever until we spent the afternoon in the city and roaming around, eating at an amazing place called the drug opera, and soaking up the sun and love from this beautiful city.

we went to the european parliament. this is the entire school group that went.  i'm over on the left side, don't i look official? 

just proof that we actually did some school stuff while we were there.

see, stunning i tell you.  and no, i'm not talking about that little asian lookin man on the bottom left.  the detail of this city was incredible and the weather was breathtaking.  

we ate a belgium waffle, belgium chocolates, and drank belgium beer.  all around: success.
amazing. pure amazing.
cool, huh?  and i think that's pk's head on the bottom.  oopsies.

america just doesn't have beauty like that, does it?

lauren and myself roaming the streets of belgium.

so i'm sure i've mentioned this 29875 buttttt....
in school, we are put into groups of 4 for the entire time we're there. the group doesn't change so they become like family.  our team, TEAM DANDY, loves each other. we kinda have to. but when we found a place called "dandoy" we figured it was a definitely photo op. just one letter away from dandy.  i guess when you're in grad school, your humor changes and gets a little lamer. :)


me too! me too! i heart brussels too!

...the peeing boy... he's that "famous" part of brussels.  he's allll over the place and quite the site to see.

there's the real statue, in all its glory.

the streets of brussels.

i was pleasantly surprised with how wonderful brussels was.  after the tough morning of the world's most boring classes about the european union, the afternoon certainly made up for all of that torture.  have you been to belgium?  what'd you think? if you haven't, is that a place you're interested in visiting? 


Cathy said...

that waffle looks amazinggg!!!
looks like you had fun! I've never been to Brussels or Paris but Its on the list :)

Kerr said...

these posts are making me desperate to go back to Europe!

Chelsea said...

seriously, the more and more i read other peoples blogs the more and more i want to travel outside of my CUBICLE!!!!

and you are right, America just doesnt have that beauty like other amazing cities do.

BUT we do have really great fast food.

Ashley said...

your outfit is AMAZEBALLS....i know, i know out of all this awesome architecture i'm looking at your outfit. he he and that dessert.....amazeballs!!!!

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