I have some very important matters to discuss on this sunny Friday. First things first...

the heat!
i'm honestly not too big on complaining about the weather because i'm just happy kentucky has four seasons.  Whether (pun not intended, but still funny) it's cold or hot, i can usually remember the other seasons and get re-happy.  the weather here is usually 100 or more which makes it difficult to go running outside (or breathe) but it makes the perfect excuses to spend all my days here:

my moms pool.
it was just finished a little while ago with a fence and gate added but it is quite wonderful.

get a raft and some sunscreen and i could live my life here.

this weekend, we are watching Reggie.
and i bet its safe to say that we will be lounging and relaxing most the time. he's the laziest black lab in the world but super perfect and amazing.

i feel like i haven't updated y'all lately on precious colton.
we went to dinner last night and dressed him in a white polo, khaki shorts, and little tiny shoes with little tiny monkeys on them and oh my word. it was the greatest little guy i've ever seen.

tonight, we are having dinner at my besties cat and curts house and then a shower for my sister (who is gettin hitched in september) tomorrow night!  a full weekend of full house redos and relaxing and just enough of a social life to keep me goin!

john and i are headed to california in about a week and i'm getting super stoked!  we're headed to la and san diego... any of y'all live there?!  what do we absolutely have to do?  XO

i hope you all have an absolutely wonderful weekend!  what are your plans??



do you guys have homearama where you live?  its basically an open house for new-ish neighborhoods that allows you to get into the homes and see the newest and hottest trends in design. this year, it was at norton commons, which is a little area in louisville that was designed by the same peeps that did seaside, florida.
on saturday, i went with these two guys (my dad and main man john) to check out the scene.  we braved the heat and crowds so i could take a bajillion pictures for you bloggers.  so here goes nothin... get ready for a well worth (in my opinion) picture overload!

we took a little trailer around the area so i snapped a few pictures of cool houses before we went inside...

super cute, eh?

the lovely street.

these are must haves for a little girl, aren't they though?  i would wake up with a smile every day.

beading on chairs and couches and everything is so hot right now.

our first home!! ;)

i need to work on our landscaping.

the beginning of the inside over load. brace yourself.

need this.

NEED THIS.  can you imagine how comfortable that is??

love this. everything had a little splash of color.

be still my heart.

where does your eye go first? the ceiling or the floor or the lamps or the couch or the drapes??  pure perfection.

real life?

obsessed with the tile.

again, the tile.  i may or may not have a problem.

if this thing is move-in ready, so am i!

you know you're getting older when place setting make you smile.

a dog shower!  how amazing.  the only downfall: it's a few feet above the ground so how am i supposed to get dexter, a 125 pound black lab up there??

afternoon nap at its finest.

i love tile. i should marry it.

if you love lighting like i do, then this will make your day.  
this is seriously a persons basement.  they are the luckiest people in the world!  so obsessed. my dad and john had to drag me outta here.

then i forgot about that basement and simply adored this entire kitchen and living are and dining area.

ever seen a fan like that?  rich peeps...


ruffles. my eyes are sparkling.

again. that lighting.  SWOON.

a master bedroom. for some reason, this picture doesn't do this coloring justice.  it is so much brighter in real life.

and that's the other side. so amazing.

this is on the side of their outside porch. soothing, beautiful, zen.

by the entire of the tour, we were ready for a nap!  we had a wonderful time and i can't wait to work some of those light pieces into my home.  ;)

which is your favorite??



2 in 1

i just found these pictures from last weekend and thought i'd include them...
friday night, we went to a shower for my friends clark and jordan who are gettin hitched in august.  lizzie, alex, moi, and cat had a wonderful time and by the next morning, our men had sworn off tequila.  

this friday night, we had my mom and stepdad and his dad and gf over for a nice cookout.  it was the first time for them to meet and also the first time for my mama & ricky to see my humble abode, all done up and lookin purdy.  we made a great meal, if i do say so myself.  we made a teriyaki chicken, this amazing vidalia onion pie, a great strawberry & mandarin orange salad with poppyseed dressing, baked potatoes with every topping imaginable and even had a guest appearance by jessie, taylor, and baby colton.  it was a lovely night.
saturday night, we went to theresa and jared's wedding at the muhammad ali center.  it was beautiful and very fun.  fun enough that i managed to only get a couple pictures... here's my love & moi.

and max & meg.  

it was a great weekend and ended with a full and fun sunday.  after church, john and i headed to the y for a nice workout, then to my moms pool for the afternoon and then a fantastic family dinner to celebrate my brothers 26th bday and my cousins 23rd birthday!  whoop whoop.

what did you do this weekend?!




alright ladies and gents.
the time is here.
i get emailed and comments on things that i sometimes forget to answer. (sorry...)
but i've giving you (yup, YOU) the chance to ask me anything (yup, ANYTHING!) and i'll answer it.
owl notecard
so think of an amazing (or awful) question and leave it in the comments section or email me or whatever you want and then wait for the responses.
Q&A a day. This is so neat. One question every day for 5 years.
i'll answer them sometime next week so get the questions in asap.  :)

and please ask them because i'd hate to feel like a total loser and open myself up like this only to find out you all just don't even care about my favorite color or what i'm making for dinner tonight...



you were invited...

john and i planned a cookout for saturday night with some of our besties. little did we know, it would be an engagement party for two of my dearest friends.
a shot of the backyard before our guests came over!

the kentucky cornhole to keep the boys occupied. well, the girls played too but let's face it, we sucked. it was an "off night" because we could usually run the corn hole.

we hung lights and used fresh flowers. i need to become a planner of some sort!

oh riiiight... let's get to this...
first of all - cat, i love you! 
second - cats birthday is tomorrow!! so i bought her a coconut bra to wear. that's totally normal, right?

mid game. figured an action shot was necessary.

i forgot to take a picture of the food but wooweee!  it was a ton of amazing food that everyone pitched in!  it was so great and so so much fun!

but i couldnt have been happier when i received the call from lauren saturday afternoon saying jeff that just proposed!  
isn't that absolutely beautiful?! 
and the absolutely beautiful couple!
congrats jeff and lauren!!!!
they went hiking on saturday morning where jeff surprised lauren with the ring on a bridge! so cute.

john is so super sweet and got the cake and some champagne to celebrate the newly engaged couple!

next best glasses to use when the champagne flutes are missing.

CHEERS to the lovely couple and to having amazing friends!  i'm a very blessed girl.

:)  happy hump day folks.
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