2 in 1

i just found these pictures from last weekend and thought i'd include them...
friday night, we went to a shower for my friends clark and jordan who are gettin hitched in august.  lizzie, alex, moi, and cat had a wonderful time and by the next morning, our men had sworn off tequila.  

this friday night, we had my mom and stepdad and his dad and gf over for a nice cookout.  it was the first time for them to meet and also the first time for my mama & ricky to see my humble abode, all done up and lookin purdy.  we made a great meal, if i do say so myself.  we made a teriyaki chicken, this amazing vidalia onion pie, a great strawberry & mandarin orange salad with poppyseed dressing, baked potatoes with every topping imaginable and even had a guest appearance by jessie, taylor, and baby colton.  it was a lovely night.
saturday night, we went to theresa and jared's wedding at the muhammad ali center.  it was beautiful and very fun.  fun enough that i managed to only get a couple pictures... here's my love & moi.

and max & meg.  

it was a great weekend and ended with a full and fun sunday.  after church, john and i headed to the y for a nice workout, then to my moms pool for the afternoon and then a fantastic family dinner to celebrate my brothers 26th bday and my cousins 23rd birthday!  whoop whoop.

what did you do this weekend?!



Morgan said...

Such great photos! Y'all look so cute and happy!

Rachel said...

Cute pictures! Loving that dress with the ruffles!

Jess said...

Just stumbled across your blog and LOVE that white blouse you wore to the wedding! Great look.

xo jess

Rebecca said...

you and your bf looked beautiful!

Yelena Starikova said...

Such a beautiful couple!!

Im your new follower!

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