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oh my girls!  i'm so sorry i've left y'all hangin but now i have plenty to tell you and catch you up on the life of a kentucky blonde.
if you're new around here (welcome!!  please, introduce yourself!) :) let me explain... my attention span is close to non existent so i prefer to break up super long posts so you don't get bored.

so the last time we spoke, i told you i quit my job and let me tell you... life of the funemployed is quite amazing. i've spent my time in west palm beach, st petersburg, seaside, my moms pool, and my moms boat on the lake. it's been so perfect that i will need someone to drag me to my next job, kicking and screaming. well, that's life.

anywhoodle...  john and i had a wonderful and relaxing two days in west palm beach before we travelled to st petersburg for my cousins wedding.
we stayed at the post card inn and i would absolutely recommend this place to anyone.  it was super fun and a complete party place. i figured all you ladies would eat this wall right up because i know i did. and basically, what i love, you love!

i was tempted to take the ole board for a ride but quickly reminded myself i'm better at drinking and lounging than any physical activity.

funny story time:  the drive from west palm to st petersburg is approximately 4 hours. when we arrived at the hotel, i went to the trunk to get our luggage and immediately said, "well, john, where's your luggage??" ...long story short, we were in st pete and the luggage was still in west palm.
luggage - 1    john & jayme - 0
we had it overnighted via fed ex so it ended up not being too awful and not as much $$ as we originally thought. can i say john had a blonde moment?

the rehearsal was right at the post card inn which was so convenient since basically all the guests were from out of town and staying at the same hotel.  

how about these ladies?  me, my sister jessie, my cousin courtney, my aunt holly, and my step mom karen. have you ever seen such patterns?

believe it or not... alia and travis tied the knot. :)

let's be serious here. have you ever seen such pure heaven???

jessie and i with our two little cousins heather and mallory.  well, they used to be the little cousins, now they're real people!

my johnny and myself.

courtney and her new hubby aaron.  love these two.

my sister jessie. isn't she hot?

more of the girls in the fam... stefani, haley, courtney, jessie, erika, jayme, heather, mallory.  <3

after the calm dinner, we hit up the bar on the beach with an amazing band and rocked it until the wee hours. i'll save you from some of the most embarrassing pictures ever and leave you with just this one... {sorry jess...}

it's so good to be back and i've missed you all!  fill me in on your lives now!  xo


Chelsea said...

Where to begin?
1. I was thinking about you this morning. wondering where my blonde friend went.
2. Can I just say, your sister looks amazing after having a child? I want to have her luck one of these days
3. I like funemployed. That has a better ring to it. trust me girlfriend, you aint missin anything in the cube life.
4. Don’t you hate it when little cousins turn into real people? I do. I get to see my sweets in 2 weeks at my beach house. So weird to see them growing up. Their oldest is starting college in the fall. What the hull?
5. Again, a little pain of jealousy struck. I love that you and john can hang out. Isn’t it like the best.ever? happy to see yall don’t take that forgranted.
Welllllllll happy you have returned. Happy you are happy and roll tide :)

Casey @ Classic with a Pop said...

So glad you had fun in FL! I live and work in Tampa/St. Pete and it's always so crazy to me to see people visit and vacation where I live! haha

Lindsay said...

You always take the best pictures... I want to jump right in ;)

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

I'm new, I'm new! :)

Loving your blog, it's too cute!

And the wedding looked amazing! Seriously.

Last but not least, can I just say that I am hugely jealous that you quit your job? I admire people like you who follow their hearts. Good for you!

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