do you guys have homearama where you live?  its basically an open house for new-ish neighborhoods that allows you to get into the homes and see the newest and hottest trends in design. this year, it was at norton commons, which is a little area in louisville that was designed by the same peeps that did seaside, florida.
on saturday, i went with these two guys (my dad and main man john) to check out the scene.  we braved the heat and crowds so i could take a bajillion pictures for you bloggers.  so here goes nothin... get ready for a well worth (in my opinion) picture overload!

we took a little trailer around the area so i snapped a few pictures of cool houses before we went inside...

super cute, eh?

the lovely street.

these are must haves for a little girl, aren't they though?  i would wake up with a smile every day.

beading on chairs and couches and everything is so hot right now.

our first home!! ;)

i need to work on our landscaping.

the beginning of the inside over load. brace yourself.

need this.

NEED THIS.  can you imagine how comfortable that is??

love this. everything had a little splash of color.

be still my heart.

where does your eye go first? the ceiling or the floor or the lamps or the couch or the drapes??  pure perfection.

real life?

obsessed with the tile.

again, the tile.  i may or may not have a problem.

if this thing is move-in ready, so am i!

you know you're getting older when place setting make you smile.

a dog shower!  how amazing.  the only downfall: it's a few feet above the ground so how am i supposed to get dexter, a 125 pound black lab up there??

afternoon nap at its finest.

i love tile. i should marry it.

if you love lighting like i do, then this will make your day.  
this is seriously a persons basement.  they are the luckiest people in the world!  so obsessed. my dad and john had to drag me outta here.

then i forgot about that basement and simply adored this entire kitchen and living are and dining area.

ever seen a fan like that?  rich peeps...


ruffles. my eyes are sparkling.

again. that lighting.  SWOON.

a master bedroom. for some reason, this picture doesn't do this coloring justice.  it is so much brighter in real life.

and that's the other side. so amazing.

this is on the side of their outside porch. soothing, beautiful, zen.

by the entire of the tour, we were ready for a nap!  we had a wonderful time and i can't wait to work some of those light pieces into my home.  ;)

which is your favorite??



Whitney said...

everything is amazing! i love it all! the dog shower is great :)

Kiley said...

oh my goodness! i love it all! i agree with you - someone would have to drag me away!

Ashley said...

ok, now you're just toying with me! is that really yall's house?

We have things called "open house" weekends but homerama is obvioulsy way better.

morganegrant said...

Beautiful pictures!! We have a "Parade of Homes" where I live in SC. I use to go (it's normally in the fall), but last year b/c of the housing market we didn't even have it! So thanks for the pics and making me want to spruse up a little around the house! :)

[Ashley] said...

I recently moved from Louisville..I had always hoped to go to Homearama once, but never did. Thanks for the pics, I feel like I went this year!

A Simple Southern Life said...

These houses are amazing!

Lindsay said...

WOW! Do people really live in those homes?! They are AMAZING! I loved looking at the pictures...I may have scanned through them more than once. :)

Rebecca said...

so cute! didnt know they had those!

Chelsea said...

i want to PININTEREST this entire post!!!!!!

Natasha said...

wow, this makes me want to hurry up and design our dream home STAT! so glad you took all these pictures for us ;)

Rachel @ Just Peachy said...

I am OBSESSED with each of these pictures!! Can't wait to plan my future home. I wish my area had a "homearama!"


Turtles and Pearls said...

I'm a Louisville girl, too, and I love going to Homearama every year! I definitely need the outdoor cabana. It would look wonderful in my backyard!!

The Engaged Life said...

Dang! I wish we had homerama in Florida!

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