introducing travis & alia

saturday, the wedding day, was spent around this pool. we drank, talked, swam, danced, ate, and laughed.
and of course we facetimed with colton because baby colton hasn't mastered the ole travelling gene quite yet so he and his pops stayed at home in louisville for a boys weekend.
but he certainly is precious.

my johnny and i before the ceremony.

just take a look at that set up, pretty amazing, eh?

so anthro.

the beautiful bride.  i sincerely apologize for having this be the only picture of the bride i have. nope, i don't even have one of the bride AND the groom together.  i mean, what type of wedding goer attempts to get the double whammy photo?!  not i, obvi.

this was cute.  there was this great typewriter and a birdcage to type your marriage advice and put it in the bird cage.  lucky for them, i didn't leave my advice because i'm not married. my advice would probably be something like:
-don't get a girls number in front of her.
hmm, that's the only thing i can think of right now. 
what would your advice be??

let's continue... the table settings. 

my love. ain't he precious?

my daddy. whata doll.

the mr & mrs table!  i looove this!  i want a sweetheart table too, maybe?

this is where the seating arrangements were.  it was a gorgeous antique gate and went along with the theme absolutely perfectly!  

in the trees, they hung a ton of gorgeous chandeliers and lanterns. 

so so pretty!

unfortunately, this is where the wonderful pictures end because a storm rolled through and left us to continue the party inside.  it was just as much fun but the dancing began and this girl decided to leave her camera behind. smart decision on my end because i got preeeetty wild on the dance flo that night!  

next up... the 4th of july.  what? you think i don't realize it's july 15th and i'm just now getting around to it?  being a stay at home girlfriend is tough work!  :)

have a wonderful weekend!



Rebecca said...

So beautiful! SO happy I stumbled across your blog and found such a lovely site to follow =]

Kerr said...

I love the lights hanging from the tree

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